bussines comunication

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Business Communication

To Mrs. Wega,


Chief Officer of Sales and Operations

   Dear Madam,

In response to your request to increase the order quantity, from a previous quantity of 500 units to 1000 units of Motherboards, it was not possible to carry out your request. The main reason was that the person in charge of authorizing such transactions was not available at the time, as he had left after his normal working hours. I am sincerely apologetic for the unintentional turn of events. However, I shall see to it that your request is fulfilled immediately tomorrow during our normal working hours. Please kindly bear with us for any inconveniences that may have been caused, as we try to serve you better.


Yours Sincerely,

The Manager.









Cover Letter

Andrew Mambo Ahmed,

1231 Long Beach,

Los Angeles, California 1123.

December 28, 2011.


Rodger Michelson Grant,

Human Resource Manager,

Price Waterhouse Coopers,

1487 Malibu,

Los Angeles, California 33012.


Dear Mr. Michelson,

I am writing seeking an opportunity to work in your organization as a Senior Accountant. I came across the advertisement in The Daily Telegraph on 21 December 2011 indicating that there was a vacancy for the position of Senior Accountant.

I am a Certified public Accountant with a distinction in my major, Accounting. I also have qualifications in Advanced Taxation, Cost Accounting Systems and I am proficient in Computer Accounting Applications. I have worked in numerous accounting offices, such as Ernst&Young Auditors, as an internal auditor in New York City. My main interest is to work in a competitive workplace at the same time increase my knowledge from the experience to be gained in holding such a position. I think I will be a valuable asset to your organization because I have the requisite skills for the job. I am devoted to my work and I can work under intense pressure with minimal supervision.

I am looking forward to getting your correspondence and working in your organization as I impart my knowledge and exploit my skills to the fullest to drive the organization to greater heights.



Andrew Mambo Ahmed.






























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