Cancer Research in Danger

Posted: September 3rd, 2013

Cancer Research in Danger







Cancer Research in Danger

            The business research focuses on the effects of fund cutting on cancer research. This is attributable to the global crises that are currently hitting American in the past few years. Currently, the amount of money being offered by the budget has gradually decreased causing problems in the laboratory research. The National Institute of Health is finding it difficult to issue funds to different researchers to conduct studies aiding the improvement of the health (Abeloff & Miller, 2006). The main purpose of the research is to find the reason why funds are trimmed while sensitizing on the need for increased funding of medical research (Abeloff & Miller, 2006).

The business problem under investigation is why the funds have been reduced. According to the research, the National Institute of Health has been the economical engine in spearheading scientific research (Abeloff & Miller, 2006). However, lately, they have not been able to offer the grants required for the study. Reduced funds discourage young researchers in pursuing research in the cancer field. The data collection used in this instance involves secondary collection methods such as analysis financial records. The researchers have used the National Institute of Health Budget for the last few years to acquire their information. This material involves the financial records of the organization. Secondly, the study uses the countries national budget and budgetary grids. These materials are for the purposes of investigating the substitutes for cancer research receiving the funds. According to the research, the materials have indicated the funding was reduced in the national budget causing National Institute of Health to have difficult in providing funds to the researchers (Abeloff & Miller, 2006).

The researchers of the study have concluded unless the fund reduction is stopped then research will be negatively affected. According to the researchers, cancer is adapting to the new treatments therefore increasing affiliated casualties (Abeloff & Miller, 2006). Therefore, if the researchers are slowed down they will not be able to find new treatments in time. Additionally, they have concluded the young researchers who are to develop future cures will be dissuaded from the career causing a scarcity in the field of scientific research and medical treatment (Abeloff & Miller, 2006).



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