Posted: August 29th, 2013






            Cannabis is a plant, which originated from central and western Asia. It is grown in tropical countries like India for its fiber and seed. The oil from the seed is used as medicine. Cannabis is also known as the Indian hemp, grows once in a year. It was widely used in China and India before it came to European and American countries. The leaves of the plant are slender with long, pointed ends that appear needle like. Cannabis produces flowers with male and female parts growing on separate plants, some plants can bear both male and female on the same flower. The fruit from the plant has one seed. The oil from the seeds is used in art as a drying agent. Birds eat the seeds of cannabis plant as food. The seeds are not known to be poisonous.

Cannabis is used as drug because of the psychoactive effects that makes a person be in a state of relaxation. A person who uses cannabis as a drug remains in a state of euphoria for approximately three hours if smoked in large doses. Long uses of cannabis drug causes withdrawal symptoms with include irritability and insomnia. Cannabis withdrawal symptoms are mild and not life threatening. Its dependence rate is lower compared to that of nicotine and alcohol. The drug increases heart rate; it is known to cause feelings of hunger. Mexican cannabis is known as marijuana and is an illegal drug. In some parts of Asia, cannabis plant is used as an intoxicating agent. Bhang is made from selected and powdered leaves. The female plant after flowering is used to make a drug called Ganja. Hashish from Arabic countries is also made from the cannabis plant.

Although the drug is no longer used for medicinal purposes in the United States, Cannabis plant can be used as treatment for some medical conditions like nausea and vomiting that result from chemotherapy treatment. It can also be used to treat movement disorders as it reduces muscle spasms especially in conditions like multiple sclerosis. In ancient days, cannabis was used on individuals for intoxicating spirits causing the person to perform simple duties. This state of intoxication could make a person to feel happy, sometimes the person could feel drunk and become violent. Cannabis is known to cause numbness and cause sleep. When a person wakes up from sleep, there are no side effects like those caused by anesthesia like nausea or lack of appetite. Cannabis has been known to relieve pain however; continued use of the drug affects a person intellect. Animals become easily intoxicated if they consume the cannabis plant.  Cannabis in the East Indies has been used to treat illnesses such as toothaches as it causes numbness and a feeling of relaxation.

Cannabis causes psychological and physiological effects on a human body, excess use of cannabis has known to cause euphoria and anxiety. Individuals who smoke marijuana or cannabis have been known to experience panic attacks. Use of cannabis drug can make a person have feelings of well-being.

In conclusion, a person who uses cannabis as a drug can become an addict. This causes problems in different areas of their lives like money worries, they are unable to maintain relationships, conflict with family and friends, inability to concentrate on work or studies, health problems especially chest problems and mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. Finally, cannabis is a drug and if caught in possession of the drug a person is convicted and sent to jail.


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