Case Study 7: Open Source Software

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Case Study 7: Open Source Software

Pros and cons of Open Source Software

One of the pros of open source software is that most of its projects are free and anybody can have an access to them. There are hardly any costs involved with acquiring the software, and it allows all people to modify it to suit their needs unlike the closed source software. Another advantage of having many open source software enabled in the internet, is the availability of a large user base from which problems can be fixed. With a huge user base allowed to modify the software, it is easier to make developments as well as solve problems arising since many people are allowed to redesign it. Users can make modifications, but the official releases can only be made by the developer of the program. Thus, quality is ensured since only the viable modifications will be considered. Firefox is one of the examples of open software that has benefited from such advantages.


I do use open source software such as the Firefox internet browser and Linux operating system in my computer. One of the reasons I use Linux operating systems in my computer is its ability to minimize the risks of computer virus. Another reason I use Linux is its being open source. This means it as at constant improvement by a wider range of users with certain needs to suite, thus providing better improvements all the time. In addition, if I wish to add any feature to my operating system, I would be free to unlike in the windows operating system. Another reason for using the Linux is its low costs. Thus, I prefer using open source software due to such advantages, which also apply in Firefox.

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