Case study

Posted: September 3rd, 2013





Case study

Question 4

This project was a demanding task and one that required a lot of capital. It was also outside the state so there would be some inconveniences caused by relocation. The personnel group was quite big, considering they were supposed to work away from home. USCO’s plan on how to run the project was a feasible idea. It helped in solving some of the expected challenges. The project had started but seemed to fall apart. There were twenty five employees in total. The executives planned they should go to the island at different times. This plan minimized the costs for upkeep because not all employees were required at the same time. For example, there were policies that took care of employees doing an off site job.

These policies involved compensating employees by paying all the expenses at the working site. This decision would ensure that the employees are comfortable and they would be efficient in their work. However, they need to reconsider employees who are forced to move to a different part of the country. There was a problem with the employees after some time. They wanted to go back home before finishing the project. CUSCO had not taken time to make them understand that it would be different to be away from home.

Their needs and requirements should be met because the trip is business related. Generally, the performance of CUSCO was poor because their employees were letting them down yet they were very important in that project. The project seemed not to be helpful to the community because they understood very little about it. There was a language barrier between CUSCO employees and the community. This problem should have been solved. For example, they should have hired interpreters.

Question 5

Gary Johnson was appropriate for this job, only that he had never done an off site project. This could be one of the reasons why he was not very efficient in his work. The project was almost falling apart under his management. Most of the decision made would have been successful but Johnson did not seem to be keen on enforcing them. A manager should be decisive when a problem arises. It was his responsibility to make informed decision on what to do during problems. Since he had not done off site project before he should have taken time to study and do research. It would have prepared him more than he was. During the dinner, he was absent yet it is expected that he should be the one explaining the situation.

Johnson lacked control of events and funds. The budget turned out higher than expected and important deadlines were not met. This is what brought concern to the rest of executives. It meant that the project would be late and more expensive. This shows that Johnson never applied any managerial skills and control over this project. It would be expected that some of the problems faced there he could have attempted to solve. For example, make some suggestions to the executives. The main job of programming was to be done after seven months. It would have been a good option to send home those who did not have duties. When time is ready to finish the program, they come back for the completion. Another important thing he should have advocated is making changes as soon as possible. Johnson and other managers realized that the work was too much for the time left. This would have called for more employees to bridge that gap. Changes are normal in projects. Planners should make provision for them, should they happen. It would save a project from falling apart.

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