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Posted: August 12th, 2013





Children First Inc

1. Who is the decision-maker in the case?

The decision-maker in this case is the CEO of Children First Inc. This is because decision of how to approach employee personal development by instilling virtues rests upon her.

2. What core ethical problems or issues does the decision-maker face?

The core ethical issue is about why the company should involve itself in the personal and professional development of the employees. The other issue was the financial justification for undertaking such an effort and, finally, there was the question of the impact of these efforts would have on the employees. The concerns of the CEO is whether the employees would be willing to let the company determine certain aspects of their personal life and whether this undertaking would accrue any financial benefit to the company. From an ethical point of view, organizational culture is not supposed to go into the personal life of its employees. They are only supposed to offer guidelines for behaviour in the workplace. The other company concern is whether these efforts would improve how the employees deliver in their responsibilities at work.

3. What courses of action are available?

The first course of action by the company would be to determine what human virtues would be relevant for the company. The human virtues have to be ones that would enable the teachers improve on the learning experience of the clients. The next course of action would be to determine how to foster learning of the virtues by the employees. This can be done by ensuring that the virtues are part of the organizational culture. The final course action would be to introduce the program and develop monitoring measures that would gauge the impact on employees and the children.

4. Who are the stakeholders in the case?

The stakeholders in this case include the owner of the company, the employees and the customers of Children First Inc. These three groups are necessary for the existence of the Children First Inc.

5. What responsibilities does the decision-maker have towards each stakeholder?

Ethically, the CEO is responsible for the wellness of all the company’s stakeholders.

The CEO as decision-maker has several responsibilities with regard to the stakeholders. The decision maker has the responsibility to ensure that the clients receive quality services owing to the High Quality Initiative as have been advertised. The decision-maker also has a responsibility to the owner of the company by ensuring that the company reputation is upheld and that the High Quality Initiative increases the company’s customer base and improves on returns. The next responsibility is toward the employees. The decision-maker has the responsibility to ensure that employees are well equipped to offer services by making sure the employees have received necessary education with regard to virtues.

6. Propose and defend a particular course of action for the decision-maker. (Identify what ethical framework you would use to support your decision and why)

To ensure that the High Quality Initiative is a success, it would be important to propose that the human virtues most important in the success of childcare are enshrined in the company’s organizational culture. Each employee would have to abide by this culture. Adequate, effective and efficient customer service would be the ethical framework behind the decision. This is because the existence of the company relies on satisfaction of the client. When clients are satisfied, the company retains the ability to offer service to the same customers and they gain the ability to attract more customers in the future. This course of action is also aimed at ensuring that the company acquires a dedicated staff that has the drive and passion to guarantee that the client will get the best childcare services through Children First Inc.

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