christian counseling

Posted: August 6th, 2013


            This book is filled with knowledge and insight based on Christianity. It talks about how people could recover from spiritual bondage through the help of the Holy Spirit. It communicates to counselors and teaches them how to play the role of encouraging their patients. After reading the book, the counselors understand the exact way of helping his or her patient to recover from mental illnesses. One significant tool proposed by Anderson is Steps to freedom in Christ. These steps are the actual methods of discipleship counseling (Anderson, 2003).

Various themes like the second chapter and seventh chapter have discussed the details of some of the areas requiring attention in counseling sessions. The author gives realistic situations, which enable the reader to understand the major point being addressed. The book is not only appropriate for counselors but also for any reader who is interested in spiritual guidance. People suffering from any emotional disturbances could read the book and get a solution to their problems. Anderson insists that secular intervention in mental illnesses is not enough. The absolute solution lies in divine intervention.

Christian counseling

In the theme of defining mental health, Anderson gives the secular understanding. Secular mental health experts describe mental health as the state of being liberated from anxiety, and the individual is in contact with reality. This definition may have a loophole since it does not consider the spiritual perspective. Any disorder requiring divine intervention is described as a biological problem. Andersons (2003) states, “secular doctors and psychologists explain the battle for the mind as neurological disorder or chemical imbalance”.


Anderson claims that counseling discipleship could be used by people from any culture. This conclusion is disagreeable since this form of counseling is based on Christianity. People from cultures with non-Christian religions will find it irrelevant. It is not logic for a believer of another religion to believe in doctrines of Christianity. A large number of beliefs from other religions differ with Christianity. Others have low opinions about Christianity so it is not expected such people would accept any teaching or counseling from a Christian perspective (Fredrick, 2008).

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