Christian Perspective of Happiness

Posted: November 26th, 2013

Christian Perspective of Happiness

In accordance to the dictionary’s definition of happiness, a difference is noted when compared to the Christian perspective. According to Christianity, happiness is only given by God. Being happy is affected by so many other issues. For instance for one to be happy, they must be in good health. The Christian perspective acknowledges God to be the healer and therefore. Happiness can only be defined and measured relative to ones relationship with God. Christians tend to interpret happiness in terms of ‘joy’. Just to demonstrate that Christian happiness comes from God, (1 Thess. 5:16 New International Version) 16) Be joyful always; 17) pray continually; 18) give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Happiness is not brought about by material things but by virtue that we are Christians and trust in God. Christians are happy by the virtue that they are the chosen people of God. This motivation gives them the happiness that they on their way to getting to heaven. The Christian happiness is that which is eternal. The happiness is motivated by the virtue that one is heaven bound. When one is born again, the joy of salvation is what makes them to testify as Christians {American Sociological Association, 2008).

God in the beginning intended that man should live a happy life. From the biblical story of creation, it is quite clear that God’s intention was to see his people in state of happiness. Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden with everything provided. This was provided to them so that they could enjoy and live happy lives. However, this changed after they sinned against God. They were consequently sent out of the Garden of Eden. Even after sinning against God, God still loved man and wanted to have him get back to life. God intended that humans live happy lives that he decided to send his only son to die for the sins of men {Collins, Johnson & Jones, 2000).

Happiness will only come after we seek God first. Christians believe that there is joy in dwelling in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. This implies that happiness will only. From the Biblical point of view seeking of God and doing his will is part of the assurance for happiness in life. Humans tend to have so many needs, which they want satisfied. However, from a biblical perspective (Mathew, 6:33), seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness will make all ‘these things’ will be added to you. This includes happiness.

Happiness is mainly pushed by the fact that Christians trust in God and by the belief that they will see God. What motivates Christians is the fact that they will be able to get the greatest reward, which is getting to heaven after the earthly life. This is what keeps them happy ball the time. The fact that humans will at one time die but their souls will be transformed and judgment done on which side one belongs-Heaven or hell is a motivation to the Christians. This makes them to be happy always; as they are quite sure, they will inherit the heavenly palace. This is the greatest reason as to why Christians believe in God.

Christian happiness goes from inside to outside. Christian happiness entails showing it through actions and not just gestures. Christian happiness can never be pursued for its own sake. Happiness comes naturally as ones relationship with God gets deeper. The happiness that comes with Christianity comes naturally {Holden, 2007).God carries us away from unhappiness. From a Biblical perspective, challenges are part of a human’s life. Challenges are meant to strengthen as. As God may allow Satan to tempt us, we may become sad but at the end, we will be helped by God himself through various ways to overcome the challenges and thereby living happy lives. This shows God has intentions that we may live happy lives. Christians recognize God as the provider. It is only faith that will make Christians to be happy even when faced with hard times {Radcliffe, 2005).

From a Christian perspective, sin contributes to lack of happiness in the lives of humans. Christians believe in happiness due to the relations they have with God. Sin on other hand is what separates man from God. As such when one sins the code between such a person and God is cut. God gives man grace to live happily and enjoy their lives and so when one sins this privilege is denied… Take an example of Job. Job the man of God passed through a lot when God allowed Satan to try him yet he later overcame, succeeded, and became happy in God {McMahon, 2006).

Worldly happiness is short-lived while the Christian happiness will last forever. From a Christian perspective, worldly happiness is based on the availability of material things. These material things are temporal and once they are lost, the happiness in such a person is lost. The happiness that is found in a Christian is dream-oriented. The dream is that of reaching the goal of getting to heaven. This is why Paul encourages the Philippians even in the midst of various challenges to rejoice always. Of course, Saint Paul knew that there are challenges that face this Christians but that should not stop them from living joyously.

The Christian perspective on happiness dictates that Christians should be happy all the time. However, these has raised concerns as to how one is expected to be happy when he has incurred some loses or passed through pain in one way or the other. This is what has raised a lot of debate in the society over the theological and the social analysis of such situations. However, this can be justified given that happiness from the Christian perspective tends be more of the spiritual aspects than the logical considerations. Christianity calls for closing of eyes and depending on God as the solution bearer.


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