City of Mayfield Heights

Posted: September 3rd, 2013


City of Mayfield Heights






City of Mayfield Heights

  1. A community is defined a group of people inhabiting a place, socialize with each other and share various norms and values (Carpenito-Moyet, 2008).
  2. Community health refers to the process that enhances the survival of a given community. These are identified as the various efforts aimed at identifying problems within a given community and managing them (Dunn, & Decker, 1990).
  3. The community is the client when a health practitioner attempts to help the community.
  4. A community is a group of people who live in the same area, interact with each other (Drevdahl, et al, 2001).


Housing and zoning
  • The structure and set up of the houses in the suburbs of Mayfield are of the same class of a general slum environment.
  • Zoning in the community is not properly managed and uncoordinated. The houses seem to have been built without a laid out plan (Drevdahl, et al, 2001).
Open space



  • The planning department of the state of Mayfield has made the effort of ensuring an open space for recreational purposes.
  • However, there lies an underlying problem as the increasing population may create a stress on the open space available.


  • The areas’ boundaries are not clearly demarcated hence the community normally uses the different streets traversing the area.
  • The existing boundaries can only be identified around the cities and the suburbs.
  • However, the community uses a river as a boundary even though it is not officially recognized by the state.


The area has several common areas that include the sunrise of Willoughby, Woodside village and the Mary mount place.
  • The area is well supplied with means of transportation. Taxicabs, buses and a train assist in transporting the inhabitants. The area is considerably well tar marked.
  • The community mainly opts to use the sub-way train and public transport buses (Dunn, & Decker, 1990).
Service centers
  • Three government health care centers cater for the community in the area. These centers are fairly well distributed around the neighborhoods.
  • Although there are government schools within the region, very few can be considered to be up to standard. The available school facilities are overstretched by the increasing rate of overcrowding.
  • There is one fire station in the suburbs although it cannot be considered to be up to task in the event of a significant fire disaster.
  • The police post only concentrates in the suburbs by increasing their patrols their as opposed to the ghettos (Carpenito-Moyet, 2008).
Stores and street people


  • Most of the stores present in the area are privately owned by the different members of the community. Since most of them are traders, they individually own most the stores.
  • The streets are mostly populous during the day especially around the stores.
Signs of decay


  • The increasing unemployment has led most the youth into indulging into criminal activities. The most common harmful habits practiced by the youth include drug and substance abuse and prostitution.
Race and ethnicity


  • The suburbs are mostly interracial depicting mostly African Americans, Latinas and white Americans.
  • However, these races occasionally mix since they tend to be separated in the neighborhoods.
Religion and politics


  • Christianity is practiced by the largest number of the region’s inhabitants.
  • However, other religions that can be identified within the community include Muslims.
  • Politics in not very popular among the members of the community
Health and morbidity


  • Morbidity has increased in the area. This is attributable the lack of enough and accessible healthcare centers in the area.
  • Morbidity is also increased by the lack of health care seeking within the community.
  • However, healthcare practitioners are currently on a program aimed at sensitizing the community on the benefits of seeking professional health care services outside the suburbs.
  • There are many radio stations that can be accessed in the area, plus, one radio station located in the area dedicated to the needs of the society.
  • The health care workers are currently using this facility to sensitize the community on the pertinent health related issues.



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