Classroom Activities

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Classroom Activities



Classroom Activities

It is important not to label a child because it can restrict his or her development. Additionally, labeling them changes the child’s attitude towards the label namesake, how they develop their personality and treat other people. For example, when I was growing up, the teachers in my school conducted a test where they gave students a test. In this case, teachers marked those students according to their test scores, and in particular, those who had performed excellently. These students over the years showed good or even improved performance at school. At the time, we had no access to the test scores but how the teachers treated us was enough to influence our education. I am now able to understand that the greater you expect from a student or an employee, the better they perform, and the reverse is true. Telling a student that he or she is a low or poor achiever makes them to internalize this label and hence turning it into action. They normally do not achieve much in their endeavors.

            Pretending to be deaf in a social place such as the mall allowed me to realize what people with this actual disability have to go through. Since it was false pretence, I used some earplugs to make it seem more realistic. Deafness made me feel less important or more like a ghost. Lacking a hearing sense made it difficult for me to understand what was going on in the mall. I felt lost amongst people whom I could not understand. I tried to communicate with people through sign language to little effect. Most would look at me and sympathize or take pity. The biggest problem that confronted me in this endeavor is finding out how many people take it for granted to have abilities such as hearing or eyesight. Most if not all people in the mall were ignorant of the deaf. From my experience, being deaf is a major challenge and I think people with this gift should take it upon themselves to learn at least sign language to facilitate easy communication.

            After watching the movie “The Color of Fear”, I would recommend it for anyone since I found it to be a mind –opening experience. The film centers around eight men hailing from different ethnicities engaging in racial discussion. Their distinct background makes this discussion heated at times but all the while interesting. I was able to learn from the film that one theoretical model can be applied in the context. In this case, the film is a critical racial model since most parts have the minority individuals rejecting the ideas and claims by David Christensen that all people are equal should be treated in this manner. Watching the film made me feel that the neutrality and colorblindness are invalid considerations, and having various multicultural allows different knowledge and experiences that bring out different personalities in people.

Indeed the decision to adopt or have children should be given much thought and considerations before making it. Raising a family whether biological or adopted requires the bonds of truth and love. In my understanding, the term ‘love’ should be taken to have different implications depending on the relationship between the two people that share it. Hence, raising a family is not based on love. Indeed, a mother and her son share a love bond. However, this particular bond does not suffice to raise a family between them. In agreement, I feel that society should look to develop loving homes based on the criterion that an independent man and woman are responsible for it.

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