Classroom Management Plan

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Classroom Management Plan





Descriptive statement

This classroom management plan is my guideline to my approach during my interaction with my students and outlines how I will manage my classroom. It is a plan that is prone to adjustments and improvements with the aim of providing the most accommodative learning environment for my students. For effective learning to take place, I believe that a combination of factors is necessary and these include engaging curriculums, a safe environment and a good rapport between the teacher and the students, which can effectively eliminate behavioral problems.

Classroom management philosophy

In my curriculum, I am committed to providing an all-rounded approach to teaching in order to achieve effective learning for my students. My main aim is to achieve both academic success and life teachings to my students, which will ensure that they have the discipline to interact with others inside as well as outside the classroom. Attending to the needs of my students is of top priority hence I intend to adapt an engaging approach to teaching where there will be incorporation of interactive learning.

In this, I will ensure that I attend to students’s needs according to their capabilities. I will integrate discussions and interactive sessions to generate interest and grow the student’s interactive skills. This will also aid the students to learn from each other. Making every student feel that they play a part in the classroom learning process will build on their esteem hence encouraging them to improve on their academics as well as their social skills. I will use a patient and calm approach towards disruptive behavior; however, I will be firm in my instructions to prevent re-occurrence of such behavior. I will ensure that I am not over-bearing but will follow up on the students’ activities outside the classroom hence being a guide to the students and providing an understanding attitude, which will ensure that the students trust me and are open during classroom interactions. I will base my management plan on these philosophies.

Classroom rules

Behavioral goals

Setting of behavioral goals will enable the achievement of classroom discipline and presence of a more conducive learning environment. With a classroom consisting of a number of students, each with his or her personality, a common ground will be necessary to ensure that there is controlled environment. This will require certain measures to be implemented where these measures should be realistic and attainable putting into consideration the backgrounds of the students and their age bracket. Some of the measures I will implement include encouraging attentiveness during class sessions, participation in class discussions, respectful attitudes towards the teacher and the fellow students, responsiveness towards learning and good conduct inside and outside the classroom. These will result in uninterrupted learning sessions and responsiveness of the students to the teaching procedures adapted in the classroom resulting in effective learning for the students.

Actions aiming at attainment of behavioral goals

Some of the actions I will take to encourage good behavior in class will include specifying the kind of behavior I expect of the students hence giving the students a guideline of good classroom behavior that they will be expected to observe. I will give the students an opportunity to state the kind of attitude they expect from me and each other and involve them in setting classroom rules to ensure that they feel as part of the creators of the rules, making implementation easier as the rules will include what they themselves want. I will specify the measures that will be taken on failure to follow the specified behavior and explain to the students the reason for expecting the kind of behavior from them, explaining the benefit of such conduct to them. I explain to them of how they will gain from following the expected conduct. Yet another measure I will take will be rewarding good behavior, which will encourage the students to observe good behavior.

Classroom rules and conditions

In setting classroom rules, I will put into consideration that the students are of different backgrounds with different cultures hence the rules will be made to accommodate each individual without discrimination. This is in line with the explanation by Sheets and Gay (1996) where the teacher is expected to respect the students’ backgrounds and use an approach that is conducive to the students’ uniqueness. However, the rules in my class will be based around respect as where there is respect cooperation will be achieved. Mutual respect will result in obedience and understanding hence communication in class will be possible, with the students more inclined to pay attention where they feel that their opinions are valued are considered.

I will set conditions that will ensure that there is maximization of interactive work where there will be occasional group work and class meetings to discuss the progress of the students in relation to the set rules.

Classroom procedures

Classroom arrangement

I will ensure that the classroom arrangement allows interaction and easy movement hence ensuring that I am able to monitor the students’ activities. This will allow me to get close to each student hence giving personalized attention to each student, which I believe will have a greater impact in the learning process, as each individual will feel like part of the process. The seating arrangement will also be in a way that makes classroom discussions easier without wasting much time on re-arranging the class. I will also ensure that there are bright colors making use of visual learning materials, which will enhance learning as well as making learning interesting. I will ensure that there are additional learning materials located in an easily accessible position in the classroom such as dictionaries, maps and computers for group-based research activities. I will allow the students to personalize the classroom by coming up with creative learning materials that will be hang on part of the walls in an orderly manner.

Classroom routines

One of the classroom routines that I find to be of greatest value that I will incorporate in my teaching is group discussions and classroom interactions. One of the reasons why I find this routine important is that it builds the students in all areas. To begin with, it builds the student’s interactive skills, as they are able to learn to listen to other people’s opinions and respect other people’s views. Secondly, it enables the student to have the confidence to air their views and share with others their opinions on a certain topic. The other reason that group interactions is an important routine is that it creates discipline in a student as they learn how to reply to other people’s opinions in a respectful manner that is not rude or does not degrade the other individual.

Another classroom routine that I will incorporate in my teaching is use activities that will be imaginative and creative to create interest and explore other talents that the students may possess. This will ensure the students realize their full potential and help them to have control of their learning as they will realize that they are all gifted in different ways giving them the drive to find out what more they can actually do or learn what other skills they possess (Anderman and Midgley, 1998).



Encouraging students

All students have rights to be safe, to be respected and to learn without uncalled for interruption. In my teaching, I will make these rights known to the students and encourage them to make their needs known without fear. Hence, by offering this free environment the students will feel encouraged to express themselves as long as they do so in a respectful manner. I also believe that students should be guided, but should also be allowed to make some decisions on their own. It is in this way that they learn to be responsible hence; I will encourage the students to make wise decisions that will help them in tackling situations without me having to interfere. I would do this by letting the student make a connection between an action he takes and the outcome of the action hence leaving her or him to take action according to the outcome s/he finds favorable.

Positive behavioral reinforcement

In order to harness a sense of good behavior, I will put more focus on good behavior and the congratulating it. I will ensure I emphasize on the benefits of good behavior and always talk on the positive. I will acknowledge good behavior no matter the magnitude of it as this will show the student that they are on the right path encouraging them to continue with the behavior. This will eventually become routine and they will be drawn to doing what is right as positive feedback encourages them to feel acknowledged for their actions (Dreikurs, 1982). I will be firm but gentle in reprimanding a negative behavior. I will remind the student of the rules we set in the beginning, remind him or her of the benefits of following the rules, and give them the chance to make the right choice.


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