Code of Ethics

Posted: August 6th, 2013

Code of Ethics

A description of how the code will be connected to other important documents such as the mission/vision statement and other organizational policy statements

The code of conduct will assist the organization in delivering and fulfilling its mission and vision. It contains guidelines that will help the employees and other stakeholders in the organization work towards ensuring the accomplishment of the policy guidelines. The code of conduct provides the solutions and guidelines to follow when resolving conflicts and when dealing with problems at the office. This enables the management to spend less time on the issues contained in the code, and thus it concentrates its efforts on achieving its objectives. It is crucial for all the stakeholders to be aware of the contents of the code. Placing the code of conduct where the mission, policy statements, and vision statements are will ensure that everyone can access it.


My enforcement plan does not consider the status of the stakeholder when dealing with disciplinary issues. At the same time, the management should remember that the code of ethics does not represent a strict military-like authority on their part. The code of ethics is not meant to punish individuals, rather it is meant to provide guidelines concerning behavior in the organization, and the way to solve conflicts and problems that occur in the organization. I intend to make the code of ethics compliance part of the employee performance appraisals. I will reward employees who perform well, and who show an interest in adhering to the code of ethics. This will encourage employees to follow the rules stipulated in the code (Mayhew & Demand Media, 2012).

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