Collective Bargaining

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Collective Bargaining







Collective Bargaining

There have been several problems with union cases and management of relationships between employers and employees such as delays in dispute solving, filing of cases and election problems. Being chosen as one of the testifiers to the Dunlop Commission served with making the right recommendations bout the worker management, I would recommend a few changes, one on union election rules. Currently, there are delays in processing of union hearings on issues concerning solving issues through secret ballot. I would recommend that the board eliminates pre-election reviews and put them together with the post-election reviews to avoid long processes (Finegan & Sberna, 2012). This would help in reducing the number of bit-by-bit appeals in the representation of union cases, and allow one full representation that would be better and will allow simplified election petition process. More so, this would aid the employees with petitions for election a chance for timely voting without having to go through unnecessary litigations(Finegan & Sberna, 2012).

Another recommendation I would make is ensuring that there is no requirement that asks workers or employees to refrain from filing claims against an employers either jointly, as a class, or collectively on issues of salary, working conditions or even working hours. This should never be a condition in any employment, since workers have a right to file their claims jointly. Such a rule denies the employees a right to take part in combined action mutual assistance in their protection (Horton & Cuda, 2012).

More so, dispute resolutions take long before they are solved, sometimes leading to many employees opting to not to file their discrepancies. There should be development of alternative resolutions to disputes in order to promote fast response and fairness as well as efficiency in solving the problems. There should be systems and procedures stipulated that employees could follow within a short time to have their problems solved in order to resume their duties as fast as possible. In addition, there should be independent parties that are served with finding solutions to disputes where people filing their claims can have easy access and quick services (Finegan & Sberna, 2012).



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