Community Centre Observation

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Community Centre Observation






Community Centre Observation

I visited the Woodgreen children care center, which is part of the Woodgreen Community Center. Visiting the center was an exciting experience as it revealed the kind of work I would be involved in after graduation. In addition, the people in the center seeking services seemed in need of help due to their conditions or circumstances. Different services are offered by the community and its substitute centers. The community center enables people within the community to find adequate, safe housing within the community. The center enables people to file for subsidized housing and the related negotiations for housing with the property owners on behalf of potential tenants. In addition, the Center also aids people who are unemployed and underemployed individuals in their job searching activities. The organization offers tips for the unemployed individuals by providing coaching and practical coaching activities for use in job searching activities.

Parents with young children also find the venue as safe for the care of their children. The organization offers childcare services across eight of its locations in the city of Toronto.

The visit in essence was an enlightening. However, I felt pity for some of the families who were in search of hosing yet they did not have adequate funds to pay for the required housing rates. The center was forced to intervene and urge some property owners to accept their terms and conditions of house rates. The visit increased my passion for social work due to the numerous numbers of people who were in the center queuing for services from the social workers despite the small numbers of the social workers within the center.

This made me realize the dire need of the country for more professionals who are adequately trained in offering social services to those in need. In addition, I realized the compassion with which the workers treated the individuals seeking assistance. Hence, it became evident that it is important to possess a humanitarian approach in the conduct of duties as a social worker. The workers could also be described as passionate in that they did not have any regard for working hours, as they were deeply engrossed in offering services to the people. This increased my determination to become a competent social worker aimed at alleviating troubles for those in need within the society.

People come to the center in search of the various services such as people seeking safe and affordable housing, trained professionals seeking to enter the job market, parents seeking to access childcare for their children. Others include children and youth seeking after-school programs, immigrants seeking to settle into Canadian lifestyle and homeless and marginalized people to get off the streets by finding shelter or appropriate housing. The center exercises a policy that accepts people from all corners of the city. In addition, the center does not exercise discrimination based upon race, ethnicity, social status and nationality. This enables people in the community center to integrate themselves with other people within the center and the community.

The visit to the community center made me realize of the passion I have for community service and relating with and helping people within the community. The diversity offered by the center is exciting as attendance of any programmed is marked by the presence of people who possess diverse lingual skills, racial, ethnical and cultural values. This would prove to be an important factor in the social service line of study, which requires the integration with people possessing diverse traits either racially or culturally. The ability to blend with people of variety is important as it enhances ones individual skills.


The services offered by the community center could be described as a necessity for numerous individuals. This is because the services are aimed at alleviation of the troubling circumstances of individuals. In addition, due to the necessity of the services there are numerous numbers of people within the community center as they queues for assistance from the community center or social workers. Working at the centre in simple terms is a challenging affair as it involves attending to many people who have distinct issues of which they need addressed with utmost speed.

In social studies we are urged to prepare to meet people of diversity as this particular field involves encounter with people form various countries as and culture. It is important within the studies and the line of work to adopt a multinational and multicultural approach for improving the ability to relate with people form various countries. The visit also made me realize of the presence of homeless individuals within the Toronto. Their presence could be due to the increase in dysfunctional family settings. In addition financial troubles is a major issue which could be the root cause of the numerous issues at the centre such as need for safe and affordable housing, inability to hire

The racial and cultural diversity within the center could be described as exceptional because it enables workers and those accessing services form the center with an opportunity to accept diversity in the day today activities and their lives. In addition, diversity enabled me to accept people despite their desperate financial situations and their circumstances because of understanding that financial troubles could affect any individual within the society.

In addition, I was able to learn more about my line of study to become a social worker. In essence, the visit revealed the various tasks and numerous challenges working as a social worker. Despite the challenges within the job description, the field of work is my passion in helping those in dire need of social services and other personal needs, which could be solved within the job description.





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