Posted: September 9th, 2013







Drug Addiction

            Drug addiction is one of the greatest problems faced in any society. Susceptible people are compelled to addiction because of a brain relapse. Therefore, drug addiction refers to the abuse of drugs regardless of their harmful implications on a person’s health. Voluntary and consistent intake of illicit drugs leads to uncontrollable dependence on them. However, the problem can be mediated by rehabilitation services if the addicts are willing recover and lead normal lives. Rehabilitation services combine behavioral therapy and medications on addiction treatment. By joining a conversation between two recovering drug addicts who are from rehab, I would inquire about certain aspects in their addiction experience. From this, I will be able to learn the implications of drug abuse and the impact it has on a person’s life.

Various illicit drugs that people abuse include heroin, marijuana, cocaine and hashish, among others. They can cause severe dental, respiratory and skin problems. Every drug addict has a unique type of drug that he or she is compelled to take. Thus, I would ask each recovering addict, the type of drug they abused before they underwent rehabilitation. From this, I will be able to find out which drug is mostly abused in different societies. I would also try to gather information on the whereabouts of such drugs if they accept to unveil the details. However, if they show resistance in answering this question, I would further ask how the drugs were being supplied to them

Drug addiction can begin at any point of a person’s life if he or she is exposed to drugs. In the conversation, I would like to know when they started using drugs and what factors led to that. Factors that lead to drug use are peer pressure, loneliness, exposure to the media, curiosity or depression. Young people start to abuse drugs as early as 13 years, and various global campaigns are focused in stopping drug abuse among the youth. Therefore, I would like to know when each of them started to use drugs and what led them into drug dependence. This will give me insight on the circumstances that increase the proneness of people to become drug addicts.

Drug addicts are adversely affected by the continued use of harmful drugs. Famous people in the entertainment industry are excellent examples of the all-round health deterioration in drug abuse. I would like ask about the major effects the drugs had on them as they continued using them. Drug abuse has social and economic effects that can cause further problems. I would like to know if they isolated themselves and if their relationships with their loved ones changed in the process. It would also be necessary to know whether they were in school or at work when they became addicted to drugs. To obtain drugs, some drug addicts need a lot of money. Hence, some can become bankrupt at the end or resort to theft or robbery. Details in this information would enlighten me on the opportunities that can be lost when a person becomes a drug addict.

It is difficult to embrace change if one is used to a certain lifestyle or culture. In this regard, drug addicts become accustomed to drugs and make drug abuse their culture. When the negative effects are felt, and the addict is taken to the rehabilitation center, they are more likely to be resistant or reluctant. The transition from the consistent use of harmful drugs to lack of their use can be immensely frustrating. However, the therapy and medication in the rehab center are a measure for long-term benefits in favor of the recovering addicts. I would like to ask the drug addicts about the challenges and experiences in the rehabilitation process. Information concerning how they embraced change would also be helpful. My inquiries will also include the length of time they took in the rehabilitation center, how they felt when they were discharged, if their social life has become better and whether they still have an urge to take drugs. After the conversation, I will be able to understand the causes and effects of drugs and the rehab process.

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