Posted: August 5th, 2013


Numerous challenges abound within the writing profession making everyday of writing a learning process and a process of perfection. Hence, with every new piece of literature comes new responsibilities for any writer with an aim of perfection of the works and ensuring that information is adequately conveyed to the target audience. One of the most demanding yet easy tasks to execute is the arrangement of material or issues within any form of writing. This is specifically confusing when one is presented with numerous ideas to be articulated within a short space of writing. What draws an audience to a piece of literature is the clear and precise description of facts within the introduction of any form of writing. This gives an audience an idea of the subject matter to be covered within this form of writing.

The ability of any writer to give a full description during writing enables him or her to undertake the preceding tasks of narration and analysis of the provided topic. Hence, it is paramount to provide a clear description of topics and means of articulation within an essay or any other form of writing. When I am presented with an essay irrespective of the topic, it becomes my initial priority to identify and give a precise description of the topic of focus within the writing process.

In conclusion, this from my perspective is the most essential part of writing as it determines the success of the entire process of writing. This is because this process enables any writer to determine the ideas, which will reign as dominant within the writing and the supporting remarks all of which are set out in a chronological order. Hence, it determines the arrangement of ideas and the presentation of the same within the writing.

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