Configuring Active Directory for a Wireless Network

Posted: August 12th, 2013

Configuring Active Directory for a Wireless Network




Configuring Active Directory for a Wireless Network

            Active directory refers to a directory service established by Microsoft for the Windows domain networks. An active directory offers a central location for network security and administration. Active directory is therefore essential to control a network from a single computer. Configuring an active directory for a wireless network for windows has a variety of requirements and procedures. One must first create an account for each user for instance, the configuration of a wireless network for windows CE 5.0 must have an account for each user group and each user that will be connected to the 802.1x network and 802.1x. Authentication requires a domain name and user name.

Group and user accounts are created using an active directory. The user groups have the requirement to configure EAP policies (Ou, 2007). Other tasks include; granting remote access permissions to every computer account and user accounts. Finally, group and user accounts must be organized into global and universal groups in order to apply remote access policy settings that are group-based. Configuring a user account or group account is done by

  1. Clicking the start button chose the administrative tools and Active directory users and computers.
  2. Click the container that has the user or group account to be configured
  3. Right click the group or user account and choose properties
  4. The domain must be in native mode
  5. Click the Dial in tab and opt for either allow access or control access.
  6. Click ok and quit the computers snap in and active directory users.



For Windows 7, when the computer is joined to active directory, there is a possibility that it can be configured and automatically sign to the wireless network. This is done with the credentials that a person used to log into the computer. Windows 7can save the wireless network login even though the computer has not been joined to active directory. However, this is not recommended.




















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