Conflicts in America between Liberty and Equality

Posted: August 29th, 2013





Conflicts in America between Liberty and Equality

            The debate between equality has been initiated in the minds of both the American citizens and the government almost every time. It happened during the formation of the country in the 18th and the 19th centuries, and it has continued taking place especially when there is an amendment to be made or during the formation of a new law. Liberty is mostly associated with the European way of life and governance while equality is associated with the American way of life. However, liberty seems to be taking over American in contrary to their equality beliefs.

The Americans laws are created on the purview that all men are created equal. This means that they deserve equal opportunities in life. This philosophy has been invoked in the making of many laws in both the past and present. From the making of the nation to the current state, democracy has been chosen over communism. Slaves have been set free, all races have been given the right to vote as long as they present themselves as American citizens, women have been given the right to get an education, vote, pursue careers that were otherwise reserved for males and awarded equal salaries for the same job descriptions as the men. These are the some of the few things that have taken place through this philosophy.

On the other hand, liberty advocates for secularism, quasi-pacifism and egalitarianism. Most countries in the European countries operate through such concepts. Secularism advocates for a non-religious state, a state with no governing values. One is only doing wrong if they are acting against the law. Although egalitarianism might be a way of bringing equality in the nation, the principle can also be used wrongly, as it may emphasize on the outcome instead of dwelling on the opportunities. This means equality is placed on people being given equal outcomes, instead of being given an equal platform thus dictating their own outcome.

This conflict between liberty and equality has therefore, continued since America gained its independence from its European colonizers. Some examples of conflicts between these two concepts emerge in the school system. Since the founding of the nation, Christianity has been accepted as a prevailing religion. Prayers could be publicly conducted even in public schools. However, this did not mean that any other religion is forbidden. The freedom of religion was and is still there. Nowadays, changes have come up. The United States has become a secular nation thus being governed by a secular government. Secular states and governments are some of the characteristics in the European states being governed by liberty philosophies.

Apart from such a major change, other laws that legalize such things as abortion, in a state that once believed in the supremacy of life, tax policies and medical covers that seem to favor some groups while, have slowly taken over and others are being advocated. With such major changes, it is evident that while the equality campaign is being taken all over the liberty is slowly penetrating the actual systems governing the country.

The founding fathers of the America wanted to settle with different philosophies and beliefs other than those governing them during their colonial days. However, with the administration of a free and democratic country where people are as free as they can be, then the once set aside liberty concepts are slowly taking over. It is no longer about the nation as a whole, it now about individuals and what they want, something the liberty concepts greatly advocates. It is no longer about all men being created equal; it is about all mean being given equal outcomes.

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