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Posted: October 17th, 2013


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Consumer product evaluation

The advertisement under evaluation is about athletic shoes. Reebok, which is a branch of Adidas, has introduced sketchers shape-ups. They are specifically called Easy Tone. These types of shoes keep a body fit without extra working out. This is by improving the body posture, toning muscles and promoting weight loss. By wearing these shoes, the back becomes strong and firm, cellulite is reduced and the muscles gradually toned up. Since the knee and ankles are no longer strained, human posture is improved. All these improvements are made possible by the technology used to make the shoes. There is foam at the heel and a midsole. The midsole has two purposes, which are to enhance balance and steps (Barry et al, 2011).

The shoes are made of five layers. The outer most is intended to give style and enhance comfort. The second is the sockliner which protects the feet. The midsole follows and then the foam. The most important parts are the midsole and foam. The stability of the foot is enabled by the midsole whereas the foam acts as a shock absorber. The outer most part is the strongest because it assists the user to step naturally as he or she moves forward. The most amazing and convenient thing about these shoes is that all these transformations will happen at a users pace. No required effort is needed or energy. The only thing needed is to wear shoes and relax the feet (Pein et al, 2010).

All sizes are available for both feminine and masculine. It is the most painless and healthiest way of keeping fit. There are no side effects because they completely taken care of the users’ feet. They are also cost effective compared to other forms of keeping fit. A user will save time because he or she does not need to go to fitness centers or constantly buy other fitness products. Clients are happy about this shoes because initially it was not possible to keep fit without experiencing severe consequences.

This advertisement is of high quality. The advertiser has carefully chosen the right words to use when describing this product. He clearly explains the benefits of the product and chooses the strongest points. He has compared and contrasted this product to others with similar functions. Fletcher (2010) confirms that this is an excellent way of showing potential clients, why they should choose the product. The main reason why this advertisement has achieved its objectives is because it does not include non existence things. This means that it has not mentioned anything that is not inclusive in the product. This is a wise tactic because the clients will appreciate and increase customer loyalty to the company.

The words are accompanied with a photo of the shoe. It has strategically been placed at the top for all to see. The artist has displayed with a dimension which exhibits all its outer parts. As potential buyers read about it, they are able to see every part mentioned. Next to the shoe there is a picture of a person who has worn it and is on the move. It helps to demonstrate how the shoes function when they have been worn. Another strategy used by the advertiser is the use of color. Ginzburg (1969) emphasizes that color is an important aspect in advertisement. The photo has different bright colors. They make the photo appealing and attractive. It is not possible not to notice it. Specifically, the shoe was given a gold shade color. Gold is associated with durability and originality. This is to indicate that the shoe is of high quality and original just like gold metal. The picture of the man shows he is on the move, and he is fit and healthy. This is a way of showing the result of using these shoes.

To support the claims of the manufacturers, they finance the practical for people to see. They offer studies that will show the shoes deliver on toning muscle, promoting weight loss and enhancing human posture. A research was carried out on several people to confirm the results. The company says that it took fifteen thousand hours to test the worth of the shoes. It also discovered that among five women, four of them were interested in products, which would tone their muscles and legs (Tepper, 2010). Several people came forward with testimonies confirming the claims are true. Some admitted that they did not see how shoes would have such capabilities. After several studies, all doubts were eliminated.





















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