Cost Analysis Report

Posted: August 13th, 2013

Cost Analysis Report



Cost Analysis Report

            My survey report entailed finding technologies that can support my choice of JIT solution. Six possible solutions could be used for accessing databases to view information online. This report will analyze the performance of these six technologies and compare their suitability to the task. The Cost analysis report below illustrates the various technologies suggested and the report that will guide in choosing the best one for the task.

JIT Solution URL/ Location Cost Estimate
Computers From $ 449
Cell phones From $ 19.99
Laptops From $ 349
Tablets From $499
I pads From $ 269


JIT Solution Benefits Disadvantages
Computers They are relatively faster and may contain higher resolutions and memory capacities, which make them efficient. They are relatively expensive and may require additional accessories such as modems to access the internet. They cannot be carried from one place to another.
Cell phones They are relatively easy to carry from one place to another. They are cheap and simple to use. They are small and have low screen resolutions. They are relatively slow in accessing the internet.
Laptops Depending on the memory and size, they have a high screen resolution and are relatively faster. They can easily be carried from one place to another. They are expensive and delicate. They require to be handled with care. According to my survey, many people do not have access to laptops up to 25%.
Tablets They have relatively more features and applications. They are more comfortable to carry. They are more delicate than laptops and computers. They have features that are more complex.
I pads They are cheaper than laptops and computers. They contain most of the features you can find in laptops and computers. They are also relatively easier to carry. They may lack some essential applications such as the flash viewer used for browsing.


JIT Solution Additional notes or comments
Computers Computers will be cumbersome since they are not mobile and one has to sit down. According to my survey however, most people (100%) use it to access online databases. This makes it among the best JIT solutions for this task.
Cell phones Like computers, access to cell phones was also universal. They however have smaller screens and smaller resolutions. They are not a good choice in viewing online databases. Most cell phones do not have applications that support power point presentations
Laptops Laptops are much faster than computers and slightly cheaper. They are however used by only 75% of the people surveyed. They nevertheless present a good JIT solution for this task.
Tablets Tablets are more expensive compared to the other solutions identified. They are however much comfortable to use. They are however unpopular among the people surveyed posting 50%.
I pads I-pads are more portable and a relatively less expensive compared to laptops, tablets and computers. They are the least popular of the JIT solutions and would not be a good choice.


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