Cost and Scheduling Basic

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Cost and Scheduling Basic






Cost and Scheduling Basic

Career paths can be considered the way in which an individual progresses in their work in one place of employment. It reflects the progress made by a worker in developing business or personal skills that can qualify them for the next best position. The differences that arise in the career paths between project driven organizations and non- project driven organizations lies in the structural orientation of the two types of work. At the micro level, nearly all organizations are similar. They can be market, manufacturing or engineering-driven. However, this categorization changes at the macro level as companies are graded as being project driven organizations or not.

Within project driven organizations, the work is characterized by projects with each project having its own budget, profit analysis and forecasts. The profit of that organization can therefore be calculated by summing up the worth of all the projects. The project becomes the locus upon which the organization rotates. In non- project driven organizations, the measurement of profit and losses is done along the functional and vertical lines. This means that priority is given to the most productive line or department in terms of revenues. The argument was that project managers had rigorous exposure, charisma and high levels of adaptability that were required at the CEO level (Hirsch, 2004).

Project management

Studies into the upward mobility of employees in the project management jobs showed that a low number of project mangers reached the higher levels of the hierarchy. Within project-driven companies, the managers are given a priority in their promotion to the senior executive position. This phenomenon was even more pronounced in companies that fully depended on projects as their main goods or services. This is because in project-driven companies, the promotion to being a chief executive officer almost always demanded an experience as a project manager.

Line management

The role of a line manager puts them very close to the project managers although their functions are different. Most line managers are evaluated for promotion based on their performance to the project managers. In summary, the career growth for line management staff is limited to the level of recognition of the effort by the corresponding project manager. This makes their progress very fixed as it is tagged on the recommendation of another department. Staff in the line departments therefore strives to make their project commitments advertised to all concerned stakeholders. In this way, the worker’s record of accomplishment becomes excellent and boosts their chances at increasing merit and promotion. Within a non-project driven organization, the line management stand the best chance at being promoted than any other group. Workers in this category are also at a better place to further their careers as compared to line management (Londy, 2012).


Of the three, the project managers stand the highest chance of achieving their career goals within a project-driven organization. This is because project managers are trusted with ensuring the project is complete. They have a right to establish their own playing field including their procedures, rules and techniques. This provides a high level of flexibility as compared to the two other departments as they choose how to control their projects. The flexibility of the project managers however does not influence to a large extent, their promotions, salary and responsibilities. The relationship between the project and line management has always been conflicting and competitive as project managers have a top-level visibility and a higher probability of being promoted.


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