Cost and Scheduling Basics

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Cost and Scheduling Basics






Cost and Scheduling Basics

            A project manager should encourage the flow of problems to him or her. One of the roles of the project manager is to control and monitor the project (Singh, 15). In monitoring the project, the manager ensures that everything is running smoothly and as planned. Any problems that arise before and during the project should be reported to him, so that they do not interfere with the flow of the project. It would also ensure that the manager makes the necessary changes before the problem reaches a point where it is hard to resolve.

If a problem involves the cost of the project or unavailability of enough resources, the manager would be able to know what to do before continuing the project (IT Management Inbox, 1), for example, if the project has not yet started, the project manager can change the statement plan before handing it in, to suit the scope of the problem. In the case where a project has just started, and the problem involves cost, the manager would be able to communicate with the stakeholders about the cost. If a project manager determines the cause of change in the cost, he or she may decide to cut back, rather than add to the cost.

If, in the course of the project, it is discovered that the team members lack some skill, they can be given training in due time (Singh, 17). This would be possible if the problem is reported in time and to the project managers, so that he can come up with effective solutions. If the problem is beyond the project manager, an outside consultant may be called for assistance. Reporting the problem in due time, would ensure that not much time is wasted, as time is crucial for the success of the project. Encouraging the flow of problems through the project manager also ensures that the project manager is aware of everything that is going on throughout the project.

This would enable him report the right information regarding the project to the sponsor. It would also ensure that no adjustments are made without his knowledge. When a project fails or succeeds, it is held as the responsibility of the project manager (IT Managers Inbox, 2). In this case, the manager needs to be at purr, with everything that goes on throughout the project.

However, the project manager should also be selective on the problems to resolve. In cases where the sponsor needs to intervene, the project manager should not seek to resolve the problem. For example, if the rise in cost is unavoidable, the project manager needs to inform the sponsor.

This may be a case where maybe more resources are needed, new discoveries that would need extra cost have been made or outside help is required, in achieving some part of the project (Singh, 16). The project manager informs the sponsor about the problems and then the sponsor decides on which step to take. However, in a case where, some cost could be cut back, the project manager should resolve the problem without having to involve the sponsor. Another problem that a project manager could be unable to resolve, is when some team members refuse to follow the instructions of the project manager, or refuse to partake in some part of the project.     In this case, the project manager should try to convince them. If they refuse, he could involve the supervisor, and if they still refuse to comply, the project manager should ask for the sponsor’s help. Other problems that could require outside help include conflicts resulting from different cultures or ideas. In this case, the sponsor asks for help from a facilitator who would better understand the problem.




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