Course Development

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Course Development













Course Development

Discussion 1

            A software application for system management in a learning institution should be easily accessible and versatile in terms of the speed of changes to the application. Blackboard is an established online platform that has widespread use. Its features have changed the interactions of students and their instructors by filling a gap. Despite this, the expense incurred in the acquisition of this software platform is large and the number of difficulties faced by users makes it an undesirable solution. The software should be free to ease the cost burden to the institution.

Moodle is a more versatile software platform. It is free for use, and users can modify it to suit their preferences. Moodle’s features such as assignment submission, grading and online announcements are suitable for an educational institution. The additional plug-ins available enhances the experience. The various challenges faced by Blackboard such as interruptions during changes to new versions are easily overcome by Moodle. Moodle is available for development by users in the Moodle community. This enables the platform to remain relevant to the user’s needs (Cole & Foster, 2008). The Moodle model has changes the focus from instructor-oriented to involving the student, as well.

An ideal system would ensure that the student and instructor have maximal interaction with the constraints to time and space eliminated (Best, 2006). Availability of such platforms on mobile phones would ensure that the student could access the course material with ease. Connection with an approved online resource center such as a course-based library would greatly improve research capabilities and reduce the need for verification by the instructor. Moodle intends to release a mobile version of their platform that may have some of the above advantages.

Discussion 2

            There should be emphasis placed on the research requirements for the psychology majors. The field of psychology is a mushrooming field that should embrace the dynamic nature of the human psychological makeup. Simply diagnosing based on the work of others and a manual may not necessarily serve the needs of all the clients since there is no mold that is a one-size-fits-all in psychology. There have been numerous instances in history that revealed the inadequacies of relying on past findings (Kelly et al., 2010).

Biological psychology should have more emphasis as drugs are used in the treatment. Addictive tendencies that have shown an increase with time could be prevented if there was greater understanding of the side effects of drugs and behavior. Modern psychology has embraced the use of drugs in treatment too rapidly such that other remedies are overlooked for the quick fix that medicine offers. There should be considerable regard and concern for the overall wellbeing of the individual aside from the psychological imbalance that brought the patient in. As future practitioners, they should avoid giving quick-fix solutions to a wide range of clients.

There should be a specialization into selected fields early into the course to ensure greater specialization into the field of choice. Some mandatory courses may not be applicable to all interests. Greater exposure to the psychology field through thesis publication sets the groundwork for further research. Thesis development should more bearing on the course work instead of being an option as is the status (Preedy, Bennett & Wise, 2011). Students should be encouraged to think beyond the confines of the textbook as the field situation may offer some surprises never listed in the textbook.



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