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Posted: August 12th, 2013





Cover Letter

Death is a matter that is precariously overlooked. This is because death has always been viewed as a discontented subject, a topic that should not be discussed or encouraged. People have attempted to define death and its role. Apparently, there are no atheist beliefs regarding death as opposed to religion because death is existent and unavoidable. It is a phenomenon that will pass without any restriction. In order to understand the subject of death and its impact on the affected, it is best to gain the standpoints of the people that deal directly with death. These people are those involved in the funeral business. As much as they are involved with the dead, they possess explicit knowledge on its effect on the living.

The main objective for writing this essay is to raise awareness on an issue that affects every person whether directly or indirectly. Death is a personal matter; the affected will admit. However, it is important to draw the distinction between the dead and the living. The dead are affected by the phenomena but why do the living suffer for them? Such a question forms the basis for the objective that the essay seeks to accomplish. Additionally, I have gone through the pain of death. The anguish felt when a valued person ceases living is a feeling that cannot be explored. However, after gaining the experience, I find it useful and informative to write about a topic that most are not happy about.

Of course, writing such an essay possessed its own challenges. Foremost, the subject matter itself proved to be a barrier to my research. As aforementioned, death is a subject that people abhor discussing. The word itself induces depression and melancholy because to most, it is not only a word. Therefore, attempting to find people who would narrate their experiences was difficult since the experience is full of painful reminiscence that they prefer to enclose rather than disclose. Another challenge that proved difficult was finding a person working in the funeral business. My fear of undertakers and any person involved in the business of dead bodies nearly relinquished my objective, but I managed to find the right person, a funeral director who clearly understood death.

Writing the essay involved incorporation of language techniques that would enable the reader to comprehend the composition. Most of the techniques involved simple language that can be understood by the reader since the topic is related to any person. Most of them included the use of the second person language that would allow the reader to relate personally and feel euphoria of communication. Thus, revising the essay would not be an option since the main point of the essay was to achieve a relationship with the reader and spread the message. Enhancing communication between the reader and me would allow the reader to also reflect on death and even allow the reader to create viewpoints based on the topic. However, the only change that I would make on the essay is expounding more on the matter.

The most probable thing that I would want my readers to notice regarding the content of the essay is its relationship with human beings. To expand on this, I noticed that people tend to adhere to various practices that they deem essential for the dead. However, such practices do not matter to the dead since they no longer experience emotions. The customs are based on those that grieve rather than those that are dead. Furthermore, most people segregate the dead based on their morals and the lives they led. However, that does not matter since in death, every person is equal. Whatever a person did throughout his or her life is entirely inconsequential at death. The relationship between death and the living is a paradox. This is exemplified where people acknowledge death but continue practicing false practices that respect the dead.

Death is indeed a significant milestone in a person’s life. It is the reason why many people value their lives because an appointed time will come where bereavement is inevitable. However, it is essential to acknowledge the living before they die. Simply put, death is unavoidable, thus, it is important to acknowledge life and the people around. By doing so, the pain of demise can change from grief to celebration of a person’s lifetime.

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