Posted: November 28th, 2013



Cover Letter







Cover Letter

Ryan Evans

2958 Syracuse Street Suite 3

Denver, Colorado 80

February 15, 2012


Human Resources

ATTN: Job Code 00

Aspen Systems, Inc

3900 Youngfield Street

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033-

Fax 431


Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing in response to your job ad that was listed on Craig list. According to the job requirement in the advertisement, I believe that with my knowledge and my skills I am a perfect match for the job.


I have an extensive knowledge in Information Technology skills. Based on my education background, I have impeccable credentials that meet your job requirements. I have learnt the necessary skills involving the hardware and software problems. I have majored in computer security thus; I have vast knowledge encompassing network connectivity, security and updates. With this, I can easily detect and solve problems that might be affecting the company’s network. Additionally, I have basic knowledge of the Wide area network WAN and Local area network LAN connectivity and diagnostics that I have attained from my education background. Therefore, I believe I have the necessary skills to handle basic computer troubleshooting.


I have a wide range of experience in handling all sorts of customers and customer related problems in information technology. Based on my experience, I have worked in a help desk position where I have handled all telephone services from customers. In addition, I have performed installation and updating tasks of computers in an organization. I have more than four years experience in the position, where I have acquired several awards ranging from the employee of the year to quality service awards. This shows that I have high quality experience best suited for the job position.


I have also attained more than six years of administrative experience in an information technology position where I dealt with a large client base. In this position, I was able to coordinate the information technology department to meet all the customer needs. Additionally, in this position, I have been able to gain experience in handling most of the managerial problems involving the employee requirements and needs. This involves installation of hardware an software, updating software and connectivity problems of the company’s systems. Moreover, I have been able to solve most of their personal grievances and come up with long lasting solutions to their problems. Therefore, I believe that I portray the skills that match your job requirements in matching the entire customer end user needs.


I have a valid driving license with vast knowledge of several prime destinations and locations. This will ensure that I can be able to transport all the equipment that customers might require. Additionally, with my knowledge of working with customers, I can offer personalized customers training and consultation incase of any problems, at their own convenience. I am extremely flexible and can work at any time. This means that I am available at all times. I believe that to achieve success in the IT field one has to embrace change. This means that one has to follow and update themselves with the current trends of technology as the world is taking a technological, global change in the business environment. I hold this is activity as very important.


I have immense knowledge and experience involving legal documentation. This will be of help incase there are legal implications involved while dealing with customers. I am a highly motivated person who can work under pressure with an entrepreneurial mind. I am ready to commit myself to the job. I am extremely creative and energetic.


I look forward to communicating with you.



Ryan Evans

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