Creating Goodwill in Yourselves

Posted: November 28th, 2013

December 30, 2011


To:                   Employees at XYZ Ltd.

From:               Co-worker, Human Resource

Subject:            Creating Goodwill in Yourselves


Convincing people to buy products is not easy. Especially if the consumers have the option of buying the products somewhere else, have an alternative to the product or do not need the products at all. However, this is what our job as sales representatives entails. It is what we wake up every morning to do and it also makes us earn a paycheck at the end of the month. The challenges in this field are very many. Approaching consumers of the diverse nature, being ill-treated by some of the consumers and getting pressure to meet targets even in hard economic times are some of the many challenges that we face. Other hassles include the lack of sufficient income especially when one fails to meet the necessary targets, the usual outside pressures caused by the environment outside work, just to mention but a few.

Nevertheless, we have to not only work towards reaching the company’s goals and our customers’ expectations, but we also have to love what we are doing. Loving what we do as sales representatives will play a crucial role in not only improving the company’s performance but mostly our individual performances. Some people are the sole bread winners in their families, others have more expenses than the income while other are going through different psychological and physical issues that all play a role in the way we perform. Loving the work we do will play a vital role in helping us to focus on the positive outcome of our work. We love our job by telling ourselves that it is a terrific job and by focusing on the positive aspects of it.

Each and every worker values one thing or another in their lives. One thing that is certain in all of us is that we value our pay. However, a negative attitude towards the job will have a direct effect on the pay. Negative attitude leads to poor performance which finally leads to poor pay. In addition, out family members and those we value and care about are very proud of us when we depict a good performance or we are in a team or company that is performing well. This is why it is crucial for us to put our best efforts in our performances for the sake of ourselves, this company, the consumers and our families.

The company is in need of us as employees as we are in need of the company. We have pet peeves as far as the company is concerned in as much as the company has pet peeves on us. The unsatisfying remuneration packages, the high targets and the lack of consideration on issues that may affect an employee’s performance are some of those pet peeves. Majority of the employees are committed to achieving the goals of the company since most of the goals set for this year have been achieved. However, there are those who are not serious with their work, for one reason or the other and thus they are lagging the other employees behind. It is important for us to take our work as though we were working for our own business. What would we do if we were the owners of the business and we had employed other people as our employees?

As earlier mentioned, the dedication of our works is all in our minds. We must tell ourselves that we love the job we are doing so that it depicts itself in the physical nature. Having a negative attitude, concentrating on the faults instead of the merits and overburdening ourselves with issues that we can do little about will only have a negative effect on both our professional and social lives. We are all different in nature. There are those who are self-motivating while others need some external motivation. However, it is significant to know that when we work, we are working for ourselves, our families and those we support, the company, our customers and consumers, and for the nation at large.


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