Criminal Justice

Posted: August 12th, 2013





Policing Issues by Matthew B Robinson


Page 259 to 263 of Chapter Seven of the book “Justice Blind? Ideals Realities of American Criminal Justice” by Matthew B. Robinson gives the most credible explanation over the policing issues that plague the criminal justice system in America. In this case, polices made have a tendency of being biased towards American citizens of certain color as well as poor people. Biases in the training course of a police officer normally lead to the police force stereotyping certain groups as having the propensity of executing crime especially people of color. The other policing issue comes through biases for people with diminished financial well-being. In this case, the justice system in America makes it hard to post bail for poor people, thus making them stay in jail-cells waiting for their day of trial. Consequently, this makes them unable to seek adequate means working towards their defense. Moreover, when the trial day arrives, defendants seemingly pose a guilty look since they have to enter the court accompanied by a police officer, hence influencing the judge and juries’ verdict on their case.


In your view is the  American justice system is working towards dealing with the policies issues concerned and. if so, what plans are to be implemented  to assure fair bail rates for all social class members and create means of eliminating the stereotypical notion that people of a certain color have a higher propensity of committing crime compared to others.

Secondly, what measures are in place to ensure the justice system rightly passes judgment to influential members of the society since this is yet another policing issue.

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