Critical Thinking

Posted: August 12th, 2013

Critical Thinking




Critical Thinking

Part 1

Good questions

  • According to the article, “there are no significant differences in the online learning experience between male and female students.” This would mean that both male and female students ought to have the same performance in their studies. What factors then do you think contribute to the differences in performance between the two genders?
  • Why do you think being knowledgeable about internet literacy and being aware of internet anxiety are important in the online learning experience?

Bad questions

  • What are some examples of learning strategies
  • Is there a difference between the online learning strategies of male and female students
  • What are the variables mentioned in the article that students use when engaging in online learning

Part 2

1. What is the danger of formal learning compared with informal learning? Is there a time for both? Explain

Formal learning is evident in the traditional classroom based learning. The danger in this type of learning is that it does not enable the students to participate fully in the learning process. Students isolate themselves from others, as they often feel alienated. This method of learning does not enable the students to develop well socially and psychologically. In informal learning, students do not have to worry about their inadequacies because they interact virtually. There is a time for both formal and informal learning. Young children get the exposure they need in formal learning. They are able to interact with others physically. They learn that people are different, and they learn to appreciate these differences. As the children mature, they learn how to make better judgment in people, and this paves the way for informal learning.

2. What new tools have emerged, as Anu Sivunen points out, that make communication online so successful?

Sivunen points out that the members in a virtual team rely on robust communication technologies, and this has enhanced communication because it enables the members to communicate despite their geographical location. Some of these tools include forums and blogs. They enable the students to communicate on any issue they feel is important.

3. What is the most common form of online communication today? Why does Ubell state it may not be the most effective for collaboration? Do you agree?

E-mail is the most common form of online communication if real time communication is not required. This is because of the numerous benefits it offers the users. Users are able to think and reflect upon the messages they have read before responding. They are able to store their messages and retrieve them at will; in addition to enabling them send well-developed messages. Ubell points out that it may not be the most effective form of collaboration because it is not in real time. I agree because people cannot collaborate effectively if they are not receiving the feedback they need. This can be frustrating to some people.

5. Based on your experiences at Ashford, how would you improve the ways students collaborate?

I would encourage the use of social networking sites and extensive use of blogs. This will enable the students to communicate because the networking sites are readily available, and many students prefer using the sites. There are different types of social networking sites, and students with similar tastes can decide to use a particular form of media. This will encourage the students to collaborate and participate in meaningful classroom discussions. The students do not have limitations, which can affect the way they communicate, and the students are free to post their thoughts in the way they feel most suitable. Students collaborate when they feel the need to do so. Emphasizing the importance of collaboration, and making it meaningful and relevant will increase their level of engagement.



















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