Critical Thinking Application

Posted: August 29th, 2013

Critical Thinking Application






Critical thinking application

With the ever-changing world, increased technologies, country instability and many unexpected happenings, the many overwhelming troubles and pressures necessitate for effective and efficient response. These problems may at a time appear to be small but in the real sense require critical thinking and well thought out decision rather than a quick fix. Therefore, critical thinking is the process through which an individual applies logic and reason to various problems with the goal of finding their solutions (Young, 120).

Critical thinking would be termed as a basic need for the survival of today’s world. It may be required in a place as unseemly as the Wasco State prison, for instance, which is a Department of Correction. As a correctional officer, one is required to produce comprehensive reports of confrontations that may have happened such as fights or certain disturbances. From the reports, compelling cases are presented that may pose to be dangerous, and terrible outcomes could be anticipated if the right precautions are not taken by the officer in charge.

Most of the reports present cases whereby inmates may have started a fight amongst themselves, threatened the officer in charge with dangerous and violent objects, or attempted to escape. It may seem straightforward for a correctional officer to handle, but it is not merely the case. A lot of critical reasoning is involved, and a quick response action should be taken. However, it is wise to note that not any response is a right response. A simple miscalculation may lead to loss of lives and damages to property. In this event, a well thought out decision should be made in the shortest time possible. During such times, officers are forced to use methods such as use of pepper spray, hitting inmates with a baton, or even shooting the inmate with a gun to contain the situation.

Critical thinking proves to be a fundamental aspect in everyday life. This is because it aids in effectively identifying, analyzing and evaluating a situation. In the case of the correctional facility, the officer can identify the action of the potentially perilous inmate. From that, he analyzes the possible moves the inmate may try making, and in return rapidly evaluates the best action to take to seize the inmate, while at the same time considering many other facets of safety.

Secondly, critical thinking is extremely beneficial in the bringing about of new knowledge (Kamii, 384). With a fast changing world in terms of information and technology, new strategies are brought into being every day and problem-solving knowledge should be devised as they came along. In this case, correctional officers can come up with updated ways of curbing any new attempt of resistance and violence within the faculty and among the inmates by carefully thinking to come up with new knowledge to ensure they are not caught unaware.

Thirdly, critical thinking enhances language and presentation skills. The correctional officers are required to write excellent reports on the various incidents that occurred in the event of a fight or disturbance. Therefore, critical thinking is much required in the presenting of the report. He or she should be able to present the situation in an acceptable and easily understandable manner to allow future reference. Critical thinking often helps in the expression of ideas in writing and comprehension.

More so, critical thinking is a general thinking skill. It enables one’s mind to be active and sound at all times such that when one is faced with a difficult situation, solutions are sought without much strain. It enables one to make coherent decisions not only at the work place but also in the personal life and relations with other people. Good thinking and ethical problem solving skills is an asset for any person willing to make proper use. It can be termed as an important skill in carrying out everyday chores.

Moreover, critical thinking encourages and individual to become more resourceful in various aspects of his or her life. Towards bringing about or surfacing creative solution to a problem, much would be required apart from having new ideas. One ought to consider that the new ideas being created are constructive and appropriate to the situation at hand. Critical thinking is rather significant in the appraisal of innovative ideas by deciding on the best ones and adjusts them to go with the problem in sight. For instance, the correctional officers need to come up with ways to reducing or diminishing possible stunts that are likely to be attempted by the inmates

Moreover, another key benefit of critical thinking is that an institution or organization can develop numerous feasible solutions to one issue (Kamii, 386). This allows the institution to recommend a variety of solutions to problems, and it lends a hand in innovation. Multiple solutions to the same problem can allow an institution to be free from vulnerability from certain conditions. The officers may benefit from this by having many alternatives to decide when it comes to solving their problem.

Lastly, critical thinking is vital for self-assessment. For one to lead a purposeful or quality life, one needs to assess one’s behavior and from that one can discard unlikable qualities and hence make better choices and decisions for self-betterment. Critical thinking would help to increase the ability to be imaginative and understand the perspectives of others. It brings about an open mind, patience in thinking before acting and emotions stability. It strives to ensure   better understanding of issues and incorporation of reasonable solutions. Critical thinking is a vital aspect in one’s life, and hence should not be limited but learnt and be used to its maximum.


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