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The implications of high levels of success usually result in the presence of chaos such as disasters. This is largely influenced by the pressure for success on industries in order to satisfy the demands of an increasing consumer base driven by increasing population sizes. The growth and evolution of an organization is driven by the need to produce better produce and services than the competition between entities. Essentially, disasters and chaos experienced in the modern organizational setting are based on the inherent nature of risk undertaken by modern organizations with the aim of finding resources for production purposes (Weick, 1996).

The increase in risky nature of organizational operations is an indication of the increasing demands for new products and services. Hence, managers are tasked with engagement in business operations with the consideration of the risky nature of business operations. Hence, new investments by an organization are usually marked by the presence of high risks due to the depletion of resources as well the increase in the constraints associated with the production process (Morgan, 1989).

The Bhopal disaster is an indication of the increased risk taking by managers and organizations in the modern business setting. This is largely driven by increasing the profits or channels of revenues for an organization (Wicks, 2002). Additionally, production of goods and service is characterized by the presence of waste, which is termed as a primary trait of an industrialized state (Maitlis, & Sonenshein, 2010).

Hence, risks are inherent parts of business necessitating the need for new means to ensure that risks associated with the production process as well as the products or waste are identified and possibly mitigated. Advancements in industries or businesses usually result in the production of advanced or high levels of waste that is harmful to society. These are the primary traits of an advanced society.


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