Critique an Art Piece

Posted: December 2nd, 2013





Critique an Art Piece

Painting, as a form of art, encompasses various aspects that describe the superficial element of the composition as well as the innate aspect of the artwork based on the perception of the viewer or the targeted audience. The most important aspects of painting include the formal qualities, which are close or deviate away with respect to the painting in question. These formal elements include the use of media, visual balance, color and value and texture. In order to understand such elements, it is vital to assess an art piece in order to determine the technique used aside from the elements, the theme and the contextual qualities emanating from the illustrated composition.

The illustrated art piece is a classification of the naïve art form. Naïve art is a form of art that is usually distinguished by simplicity redolent of innocence in its subject and technique. It is executed in techniques that seem unskilled and childish. The illustrated art piece, which is a naïve art form, incorporates a rough technique hence the name of the art described as naïve. Much of the technique used in the painting is acrylic based due to the accentuation of concentrate colors in the piece. The subject mostly represents the diversity since it portrays the use of different of colors inside the fish art piece that are not in comparison with the background.

The painting forms a discomfited relationship with the formal elements of painting. For instance, the painting uses strong and diverse pattern coupled with unrefined colors in order to accentuate the inner side of the fish while using a single pattern to enfeeble the picture’s background. The use of media in the painting emasculates the skewed perspective regarding the painting, whereas the texture outlines an exaggerated form of an animal to the eyes of the audience. The piece’s context accentuated by exaggeration indicates the inner framework of a living thing, which is usually different from the exterior and environment of the organism.


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