Critiques on Human Nature

Posted: August 14th, 2013





Critiques on Human Nature

            Human nature is the distinguishing behavior or characteristics that include ways of thinking and action that naturally exist in humans, independently of cultural influence. The influence of human nature exists in ethnic, political and theological grounds. It is in this nature that a set of strengths focusing on tending and befriending others is developed. This means that one has to have the totality of experience of existence as a human to be a human being. Human nature brings out the psychological characteristics common in members of human species.

There is a difference in the way children and adults think. Consider a child thinks or reasons innocently and honestly. A child believes any information given to be true and just. Confusion develops with every controversial message given to a child. Where the children argue based on what they know. An adult brain is a developed brain. They argue in terms of facts and knowledge acquired. For example, Jonathan does not know what to say to Lucia on whether to pray or not.

Helping and supporting others is part of the human nature. Churches have systems that support the needy without payment. For example, St Ann church helps the poor. It provides food, shelter and counseling to the needy. This brings out the heroic nature of human. In the article Vanishing Son, a heroic leading role is seen by an Asian son who knows the breaking grounds and stereotypes. He uses martial arts to battle his way out of trouble. Jonathan gives food to the mother of two and Katrice consoles the mother suffering from HIV.


Race is an organized ideological structure used to categorize and organize human variation. It categorizes humans into large distinct populations by cultural, ethnic, genetic, anatomical, linguistic, geographical and social affiliations. Racism is a belief that a certain race is superior or inferior to the other, and that a person’s moral trait is predetermined by an inborn biological characteristic. Racial separatism is a belief that the difference in races should remain segregated and apart from one another. Racism is a belief that a person is different from the other because of skin color, place of birth, custom, language or a character revealing the basic nature of a person.

Despite the difference in skin color, language, customs and character, human beings are alike. Classification through these differences is minor since facial features were brought up a few hundred years ago. Apart from skin color, which is a trivial difference, races do not exist as distinct or separate biological groups with significant genetic difference. To justify the idea of mistreating colored people, the whites brought up racism. The isolation, denial of needs and teaching of harmful ideas, makes a person harmful to the considered inferior. Racism should be outdated. Some countries still practice racism despite the harsh penalty it attracts.

People should not be judged based on skin color or stereotypical assumptions. The difference in color helps a person to understand something about that person’s experience. Stereotyping and racism are just utterly wrong because every person has a unique personality. Kozol tends to point out the issue of racism in that; St. Ann’s church doors are open for all. Changing attitudes, developing awareness and committing to a proper way of treating others are every person’s responsibility.


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