Darwinian Evolution” and Creation/”Intelligent Design

Posted: October 17th, 2013


Name: __________________________________________________________________

State the issue in your own words:

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is the universally held perception that all forms of life including plants and animals originated from one ancestor. Darwin’s general theory assumes that the advancement of life from non-life took a strictly undirected evolution marked with adaptation. Concisely, as arbitrary genetic alterations occur within an organism, the useful mutations are conserved because they promoted survival in a process called natural selection

State the pro position:

Supporters of this theory argue that all flora and fauna have some sort of resemblance and relation that was brought about by the evolutionary behavior as these organisms experienced various changes in climate and environment. The proponents also argue that organisms that exist currently were those that were able to adapt quickly and appropriately to the changing environment.

State the con position:

The theory has been flawed by many opponents and critics as not being whole or satisfactory in its explanation of how several things came into existence. While the theory proposed that humans came into existence through evolution, it was unable to explain how the earth and the sun came into existence. The theory also failed to explain how the first cell came into being and how other living things evolved.

What are the main area(s) of disagreement?

The major point of disagreement between evolution and creation theories lies in the burden of proof for either faction. While evolutionists argue that all organisms evolved from one common ancestor, they have failed to prove the origin of the first cells that started the process. Conversely, creationists have also failed to prove that powerful spiritual powers were behind the shaping of the earth and the creation of all living things.

Are there any other positions? (You may need to search other resources; library, internet, etc.)

There are other theories that also attempt to explain the origin of life on earth for example the electric spark theory, community clay theory and the deep sea vents theory.

State your assigned position; justify this position using the main points from your research (i.e. include the scientific data that supports your position). Make sure you include in-text citations were appropriate. What are your personal feelings regarding your position? Which side do you support? Do you feel any of evidence you found is not accurate? Why?

Personally, I am inclined to use the Darwinian theory of evolution as it offers a superior explanation that is partly backed with evidence. Most of the physical adaptations that are prescribed in the theory can be confirmed by scientists as having being passed down from earlier generations. The Darwinian theory of evolution is also applicable in other sectors such as medicine and psychology to assist in understanding how living things survive through harsh environments. This therefore makes it more valid than the creation theory.


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