Database project evaluation

Posted: August 12th, 2013

Database Project Evaluation




Database Project Evaluation

            The Database System Design Project has been evaluated using appropriate technology and techniques as stipulated in the market. The project was created in order to implement a database system that utilizes the browser. For the organization SamsMusic Sale, the system was SamsMusic Database System (SMDS). The project, after completion, will change the manual operation of the firm into computerized operations that will have several advantages for the organization. The evaluation of this project was done to ensure that the software in question worked as they intended it to when they designed it. Evaluation of software is a critical function of IT managers because the implementation of the wrong software may cost the firm a lot of money in the end. During evaluations, two crucial aspects were considered, the technical and functional requirements of the firm. This will guide the person in the selection of the appropriate software for the company.

The evaluation procedures in this case have focused on two main features, software project management and the software applications produced. In the first case, software project management, the evaluation was done to ensure the production process of the software was conducted smoothly. The evaluation ascertained that the production of the software in question, SMDS, was completed as was required. During the evaluation, several techniques were used. The key method used in the process was the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM). This evaluation intended to determine the quality of the software that had been developed relative to the needs of the organization, which required its creation (Stellman and Greene, 2005, 55). The results obtained after this evaluation were positive, that is, the software, SMDS, had met the requirements of the organization for which it was developed.

People involved in the manufacture of the software, SMDS, were interviewed as another technique of evaluation. This was done to enable the firm to understand the steps they used to come up with the SMDS software. The second aspect that was considered in this evaluation process was the application of the software produces. This evaluation was carried out to prove if the software that had been developed was applicable to the firm in question. SMDS was investigated to confirm this. Techniques used in this case were especially practical since it was to determine the suitability of the software to the firm. The people involved implemented SMDS into the firm to test it. In addition, they used it to perform some work to ensure its state (Jalote, 2002, p. 80).

The results obtained after these series of tests were also positive, and they proved that the software, SMDS, was applicable in the organization and was in the appropriate condition for implementation. This project is significant because it will make the operations of the firm in question more efficient in terms of the accuracy and speed in which they are performed. This will be made possible by the implementation of the SamsMusic Database Management System. The use of a computerized system will also result in an increase in their productivity as a firm. As much as this project is very viable, it has a limitation.

The fact that the main server will be the only place where all the information will be stored makes the system fragile especially if the main server crashes. This will result in the loss of the organization’s documents, which may cripple the operations of the business in question. In order to improve this project further, there should be the inclusion of a back-up system in the project. This will make the software more reliable especially in the case of problems that may occur and affect the main server. Future developments I recommend for this software is the simplification of the software to enable easy use by employees in the firm that acquires it. This will reduce the time used to learn how to use the software. However, the SMDS software is excellent by all standards as proven by the evaluation process that took place.


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