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Question one

McDonald Company is known to provide a range of services and curriculums that offer investors opportunities in purchasing the stock of the Company. It is possible to purchase stock through a direct means following the plan referred to as McDirect. This creates a more efficient and economical way for investors when purchasing McDonald stocks. In addition, the investors are also able to develop their stock ownership of the Company and invest in their dividends. New investors can register with the stock curriculum known as Computershare, which acts as the plan supervisor for the Company’s shares and the transfer agent for the stocks sector.

Computer share also enables the investors to be in charge of their online share accounts. Once an investor enrolls in Computershare, their cash payments are mechanically invested in the Company’s shares of the common stock. However, this plan is only available to citizens living in Canada and the United States. Enrolment is permitted only if the interested investor owns ten shares as his minimum. An individual who is not a shareholder is expected to enroll by investing an amount of five hundred dollars. Similarly, for a shareholder who possesses less than ten shares is also expected to invest the same amount. In paying the investment, means like credit cards are not allowed. However, the only forms of payment that are accepted include checks.

Question two

The response given about Investors of McDonald is commendable because it gives details on the products and services offered to investors by the Company. The answer expounds on the services offered to the investors starting from being able to purchase stock to developing their stock ownership. This is helpful as it gives a new investor enough grounds for assurance in investing at McDonalds Company when learning about the benefits involved. The response also gives relevant details that could assist a potential investor who is investing with the Company as a beginner.

For example, details involving the required forms of payment and amount during registration would be helpful in preparing the new investor as he registers for part of stock ownership in the Company. This reduces complexity in the registration process for the new investor or shareholder.

Question three

However, the response given also has some disadvantages because as much as it informs how a shareholder should go about the stock registration process, it does not cover information concerning the Company’s performance within the stock market. It would have been preferred if the response included details on how the Company has progressed in the market as compared to other competitor firms in order to provide more basis for investors and shareholders as they decide if they should invest with the Company. In addition, numerical data on the rates of stock figures could have also been included to enable the investors and shareholders in analyzing the Company’s progress in the stock market.

Question four

This topic can be applicable in real life situations, when I want to utilize my savings by investing in shares. During this process, I will want to be acquainted with the procedures and requirements involved when investing with particular Companies. As a result, I will be more prepared and hence have a less complicated experience when applying for those shares. The topic has also made me learn about the qualities that an employee should possess in order to bring in a successful business. One of the qualities I can apply in my current job in the area of my employment involves providing quality customer care through displaying professional etiquette such as polite and pleasant communication to the customers. This would be a necessary step in enhancing my progress in the organization.

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