Posted: August 29th, 2013









I like your message Annamalai because of the way you want to create your e-marketing project. It is quite clear that a well-designed website with appealing products and prices not only influence women but men too. It appeals to multiple categories of customers thus contributing to a successful business. Many businesses fail to develop their website in a proper way; they thus end up losing customers. Thus, it is vital to use an influencing power through creating an attractive web design for consumer products. In addition, drill down navigation is indispensable especially when passing across the information to customers efficiently and effectively. This is because drilldown menu system is popular and user friendly since it allows customers to browse categories of products that they need. In fact, a loyalty program is one of the strategies that enable companies to achieve better business performance. Moreover, the use of Facebook widgets will enable the company to link their website to the Facebook page, which has many user fans thus making the organization easily gauge their products successfully.

I do not like your message Charles because of diverse reasons. First, you do not comprehend what successful e-marketing is about. This is because of the poor plan for e- marketing that may contribute to poor business performance of your future company. Vague web designing keeps customers away, and this will affect the performance of the business negatively. Secondly, I do not like the way you use your loyalty programs approach because it is going to create an unpleasant impression to customers. Moreover, you should understand that Facebook has many fans and to link it with the company website will enable the company to get more customers. Lastly, you should improve on the customer rating and lender approach. Otherwise, the company will never make profits or it may end up closing down because of poor performance.

I like your message Amy because it is quite appealing and it is expedient for those who may want to succeed in business. It is imperative to design the web for e-marketing that meets the needs for both men and women. Drill-down is an essential tool in e-marketing. This is because the system allows the user to choose a menu item and then make a choice of what they need. This system will contribute to higher sales because it enables many customers to purchase products from the website. Additionally, better loyalty programs are imperative in any business, and they depend on the size of the company. Therefore, it is a good idea to employ this approach especially for a small company. Nevertheless, customer ratings are vital because they give a sense of direction in business thus need for making changes where necessary. Lastly, staff images would be created depending on the form of products, and they do not matter a lot but what matters is the way products are designed because they create an impression to buyers.

I like your message Kyle because it is quite educating especially for those people who may want to start a business like yours. Business owners should understand that it is advantageous when targeting both men and women especially when starting a bar business project. In reality, drill down navigation is necessary because it allows users to find whatever they want. In addition, a loyalty program is crucial, and it is vital to offer customers some discounts thus attracting more customers. Use of Twitter in e-marketing is beneficial because it is a social media hence will help in communicating about the current events and promotions offered in the market. Moreover, there is no need of including the staff images especially in a bar business because it will keep workers away and customers are not interested about those who are working there. Lastly, the blender approach is beneficial especially the use of viral videos, but they should be designed in a way such that they can avoid sending a negative message to customers.

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