Del Monte Provides secure Connections for Telecommuters

Posted: November 27th, 2013






Del Monte Provides Secure Connections for Telecommuters

The primary concern of making a private network available to employees who are outside the office is for security purposes and reliability. When an organization opens up connections over the internet, it makes its network more vulnerable to hackers. Furthermore, in terms of security, the private network requires internet connections that are more stable so that it can get a reliable service as time and quality is a necessity in the Del Monte. Therefore, supplying them with the necessary information enables them to have access to information systems such as the corporate enterprise resource planning (ERP), data warehouse, and customer relationship management (CRM). This is because Del Monte required a system that employees could use to access the corporate network so that they could work as effectively as the employees in the corporate offices could.

Technologies employed by Del Monte to address this primary concern include firewalls, encryption, IPSec, and AAA Server. Firewalls are used to offer strong barrier private network and the internet. Firewalls can be set as a restriction to numbers of open ports, the type of packets passed through and the protocols that are permitted through. Therefore, it should be noted that a person could have a good firewall first before implementing a VPN, although a firewall can also be used to destroy the sessions of VPN (Hoover 195). Another technology used is Encryption, which is a process that takes all the information that one computer sends to another and encodes it into a form that only the other computer will  be able to decode. IPSec which refers to as internet protocol security  protocol has the main function of providing improved security features like better encryption algorithms and extra significant authentication.

Lastly, Del Monte employed another technology known as Authentication, authorization and accounting servers (AAA). This technology is mainly used to provide more security in a remote-access VPN surrounding. AAA checks the identity of the person sending a request, provides permission on what to be done, and then accounts for what a person actually does. Therefore, Del Monte employed these technologies in order to set up a secure website for the employees and partners to access the any internet connections. These technologies could keep hackers out and permit the authorized users’ in. The users are enabled to access only the parts of the network and data that they have been authorized to access. In addition, Del Monte supplies its employees with even secure connections for employees that work at home.

The benefits enjoyed by both Del Monte and its employees include the speed of communication. Extranets provides access of information from anywhere especially from home in an effective and efficient manner to all partners by connecting intranets for urgent access to critical data. For instance, salesperson traveling far from the distributor is able to access information very fast and securely over the extranet, rather than calling a distributor for information.

An extranet offers access to information in a very affordable price. For instance, companies are able to spend a very small amount in establishing and printing information for suppliers, distributors, and customers. Extranet also helps in reduction of hassles especially for an IT professional. It is sometimes hard to keep equipment and connections, while attempting to stay ahead of the access technology changes. Therefore, extranets tries to reduce these frustrations by permitting the IT organizer to outsource the difficult physical infrastructures.

Extranets also tries to reduce long-distance phone charges. Hourly access fees charged by ISPs are up to 50 percent cheaper than the best available negotiated toll-free rates. Employees have a Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliance, which is a network device that offers a firewall and intrusion prevention system to keep hackers out and virtual private networking to encrypt and safeguard data flowing over the network. The device also enables the professionals to stay in contact while at home. If I were to choose whether to work at home or in a corporate, I would prefer working at home. This will thus enable me to work, at the same time attend meetings and do my own work at home. The company benefits from the devise in the general saving of money by allowing the company to erode expenses.

I would prefer working at home rather than based in corporate office because it is easier to balance my personal life with work. For instance, working in an office requires daily commuting to and from work, which is hard to deal with when with children requiring to taken care of. Working from home also saves money and time and most of the time home environment is cool for working with no distractions from work mates, and I can plan my work in more organized manner. There is flexibility when working at home. My job can become flexible as long as I choose to be committed and reproductive. For instance, I can choose to work over the weekends, during the night and any time I am free. Therefore, working from home is very flexible since am able to make my own schedule and follow it to achieve the set goals. Working at home also gives time to spend with family members and friends.



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