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Del Monte

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     The rationale behind the specific type of advertisement was based the consumer need for high quality products that guarantee good health after consumption. The fruit juice market segment according to some consumers is filled with the presence of inferior products, which guarantee high quality and good health yet the lack the authenticity of the ingredients within these products. In addition, the mixed fruit segment was not fully utilized by the products and it proved to be a lucrative venture for the company. This is because consumers within the food market need products, which are diverse.

The diversity is brought about by the integration of the various fruits within one product, which has a higher chance of appeal to the various ages of people from the old to the young. In addition, the various market segments denoted by the age groups need products that are different and provide nutrients, which are vital for the healthy development of the respective individuals. The presence of the oranges and lemons is a supplement source of anti-oxidants, which is vital in the body functions and aids in the formation of a healthy skin.

What appeals to consumers is the ability to purchase more for less. The incorporation of the various fruits, which have varying nutritional benefits, could be termed as a bargain in terms of the prices charged for the Mixed Fruit Juice. In addition, the various colors brought about by the numerous fruits incorporated into a single product are appealing to the eyes thus attracting consumers to try the product. In addition, the product is necessary for the organization to maintain a strong foothold in the food processing industry and eventually attain or grow its dominance into the various market segments. Moreover colorful images appeal to the younger population who are fascinated by items with numerous colors. Hence, it will open up a new sales line with a likelihood of growth into providing food products for the youngest generation and the older populations.

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