Deviance in Society

Posted: December 2nd, 2013

Deviance in Society




Hypothetical Deviance Crusade

1. There are different norms that can be violated in the society. For instance, a moral crusade can choose behavior such as gun ownership and seek for it to be ascribed as deviant.

2a). One crusader exudes economic interest. Economic interests are the financial incentives received from participation of the society in addressing the behaviors advocated by the moral crusade. Hence, the crusader seeks to raise his or her economic status by taking advantage of the various methods used to raise awareness of gun ownership.

b). Another crusader exhibits an interest in social control. Social control refers to the society’s conformity to norms and rules. The crusader seeking social control attempts to take advantage of the crusade’s advocacy in order to enforce regulations against gun ownership in the society, which will label the act as deviant.

c). Another crusader asserts moral superiority as an interest. Moral superiority defines an individual’s declarations based on the morality of his or her actions. By expressing moral superiority in the crusade, the crusader believes that his actions and position on gun ownership as deviant are justified.

d). Guilt is also another interest expressed by one of the crusaders. Guilt acknowledges the emotion accruing from violating a norm. Hence, the crusader experiencing guilt will use the group as a platform to defend the past deviant acts he or she performed by advocating for the labeling of gun ownership as a deviant act.

3. The crusaders will frame gun ownership as a criminal problem. This is because the modest rules governing the ownership of such dangerous weapons allow any person to acquire them. Hence, framing gun ownership on criminal basis will be due to the accruing actions arising from acquiring guns.

4. A legitimate claim made by the crusaders relates to the crusade being able to raise awareness on the dangers of gun ownership. The society will benefit because rules will be created to illegalize gun ownership since it increases criminal acts. A normative claim is the flexibility to commit a crime. The rules governing gun ownership are not restrictive allowing criminal enthusiasts to acquire weapons. This will lead to the increase in criminal acts such as robbery and violence in society.

5. The crusade will succeed because gun ownership is directly proportional to the rate of crime in the society. Thus, society will support such a move and class gun ownership as a deviant act. Secondly, gun ownership affects every person in the society, and such a controversial matter can raise the need to create restrictive laws on gun ownership by the government.

Gender and Deviance

Option 1

1a). Gender, perceived sexuality and bullying are linked because they are responsible for the behaviors young people exhibit. For instance, the male child seeks to prove what is related to his male gender. However, some activities that some males engage in force them to become bullied by other males who refer the activity in terms of the female sexuality hence referring to the male as a girl or a homosexual.

b). Bullying has a negative effect on the males. Since males are expected to engage in activities that are masculine, some activities males engage in are considered feminine leading to violence. In terms of gender hierarchy, bullying forces the males to be less confident about their masculinity. This leads to the superiority of women to men since men are viewed as weak. In most societies, men have always been superior to women. Their masculinity enhances their ego and confidence over women. However, bullying causes men to lose their ego and reject their sexuality.

c). Boys react negatively to bullying resorting to violence evidenced by the increase in school shootings. This is because boys strive to prove their masculinity. Girls, on the other hand, do not react negatively to bullying since it does not reference their attitudes towards their sexuality since it does not affect them. Furthermore, social norms do not expect girls to prove their sexuality but force the males to do so which contributes to boys’ negative reaction.

2a). Different from traditional bullying, electronic bullies do not reveal their identity through platforms such as provisional email accounts. Furthermore, cyber bullying does not limit the number of bullies, unlike traditional bullying. Cyber bullying does not recognize gender thus it is possible for anyone to be bullied unlike traditional bullying, which is mostly centered, on males. However, cyber bulling provides an advantage over traditional bullying for the victim because he or she can choose to avoid it by avoiding the medium of communication such as the chat room.

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