Deviance in Sports

Posted: August 6th, 2013

Deviance in Sports

Discussion 6.1

Over-conformity is whereby an athlete accepts and follows certain values and norms in the sport, even though they are extreme. Underconformity is whereby an athlete rejects or refuses to obey the norms in the sport. There are several norms in the ethics of sports. They include; first, the athlete should be capable of making certain sacrifices due to the game. Secondly, an athlete should strive to be distinct. Thirdly, the athlete should accept the risks accompanied by the sport and should be able to play even when in pain. Fourthly, an athlete should have no limits, when pursuing their goal.

In my opinion, overconformity is more harmful to athletes. Reasons why athletes engage in overconformity are; first, the thrill of the game makes an athlete succumb to several upheavals to continue playing the sport. Second, over-conforming to the sport gives the athlete assurance that they will be selected to play or continue participating in the sport. Third, in cases where the athletes have low self-esteem, they would go to any limits to impress their team members or feel accepted in the group. Fourth, some athletes view the sport as their only means to success, fame and having a sense of worldly importance.


The use of steroids in sports began in the 1950s in Russia, where they were used by weight lifters. This habit then spread to America in the 1960s. In time, their use became common with other athletes from different parts of the world. Baseball players have been reported of commonly using steroids to enhance their performance in the sports. Even with strict rules prohibiting the use of performance-enhancing drugs, especially steroids, in the sport, the use of these drugs is still common. The test of steroids in their use in baseball was first carried out in 2003. Since then, baseball players have been tested on steroids, whereby penalties are imposed on the players who are found positive.

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