Disappointed by a Friend

Posted: August 13th, 2013





Disappointed by a Friend

            Having a friend is a very good experience. The best relationships are founded on mutual trust and confidence. Friends are supposed to offer you support when you are facing difficult times. A good friend finds ways to uplift you when you are not feeling well. In most cases, friends stand by you when everyone else is against you. However, those we choose as friends can sometimes disappoint us. I had one particular friend who lacked all of the attributes listed above. It seemed like everything he did was meant to annoy me.

When I was in junior high, I met a boy at the hockey pitch during training. He approached me and started a conversation. He was around the same age as I was. He was however slightly shorter and darker. The first impression I got was that he was funny and charming. There was something about the way he talked that made you want to sit there and just listen. He told me that he had seen me in literature class and wanted to be friends. I was relatively new to the school and had very few friends so I could not reject this opportunity to add another person to my small list of friends. He was popular around the school. Everyone seemed to know him from the hockey team to the history class. This made me more attracted to him, and I always preferred to hang around him during most of my free time.

He was also the captain of the hockey team and had gained respect and admiration from the team for his spectacular performances on the field. I was a good hockey player, and before long, I had established myself as an important part of the team. In fact, I was a strong contender for the player of the season during my first term. My contributions to the team gained a lot of supporters and friends. This however did not augur well with my friend. Apparently, he was angry with me for taking his position in the team. I was receiving all the attention he used to receive. He was so angry that he embarked on a mission to soil my name and discredit my performances. He spread dirty rumors around school. He even claimed that I was using drugs.

My days became less exciting, the hockey pitch became a place of misery. I despised him and wondered how such an intelligent and charming person could all of a sudden change and act so weirdly. For many days, I could not confront the fact that all along he was pretending to be a friend. I was distraught; his behavior had disappointed me. He had ruined my reputation, even though many of my friends did not believe his allegations some few people had. There was a lot of murmuring and giggles whenever I passed a group of my schoolmates along the hallways within the school. It was disgusting to be me. Sometimes I felt like looking for him and punching him in the face despite the fact that he was much stronger than I was.

His behavior taught me many lessons. One of the main lessons I acquired from this unsuccessful friendship was that I should never trust anyone I had known for a very short time. I had put all my trust in this friendship and this is what made his actions more painful. It would have been less painful if it came from a stranger but coming from someone I trusted made it more painful. This experience also taught me never to choose my friends based on how famous they are or how successful they are in their areas of specialization. I had based my choice on abstract attributes; this made me fail to see the real person behind the mask of fame and popularity. Friends are meant to be sources of strength in difficult times but my experience showed me that some friends could also cause you a lot of pain and emotional stress. This made me resolve to choose my friends carefully in order to avoid such disappointing situations.

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