Discuss the following opinion

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Discuss the following opinion






Discuss the following opinion

Exams are not a good preparation for world of work

Different people work towards different careers in their lives. Taking of exams is one of the methods used to predetermine the success or the failure of students in future in terms of career aspects. These exams are done as a way of preparing them for the world of work. The perception of whether exams are a preparation for the world of work has brought about different opinions, there are those who agree with this notion and those that are against it.

The use of exams to determine the worth of someone’s capability is an unfair method. The students should not be forced to take exams for the sake of preparing them for their future. The nature in which exams are regarded should be revised so that everybody gets a fair chance for a better life in future. In job market, people are sometimes judged according to the level they performed in their exams in school. This is quite demeaning, as one might have the needed experience for the job, but because performance in exams is not satisfactory, the job position is lost. This method denies many opportunities for young people to experience their full potential in the different job markets world-over. Organizations that test their employees or recruits by use of exams should also stop. Employees do not join organizations just to be examined. They want the opportunity to explore their talents and be productive members of those organizations.

On the other hand, exams are a determining factor when it comes to prosperity in education and careers. It is important to test people’s aptitude in the classroom in order to know the kind of progress that their careers will take in the future. Examinations are never easy and this is a good preparation for the world of work, which is equally tough. Exams act as a motivation to people so that they can get the best jobs in the market. In addition, organizations that test their employees have their best interests at heart. These tests or exams taken at the workplace ensure downright competence in the employees in terms of service provision and loyalty.

Using exams to establish whether one is bright or qualified for something is a subject that is still up for debate. There are those in support of the exams and those who do not support the idea of using exams to prepare people for the world of work. It is said that exams make others feel inadequate and unappreciated. It is also said that testing people is a good way of measuring the quality of productivity in the workplace and exposes the level of progress being made in the competitive world of work.


The process of globalization seeks to expand international commercialization and exchange of cultures. Globalization comprises of the interaction of different countries, their governments, people, businesses, etc. This process is influenced by numerous factors from communication to technological development. However, globalization is known to have its consequences, both positive and negative in the world today.

            Some of the positive effects of globalization include linking up countries in terms of their economies and cultures. Many countries conduct businesses together, and this interconnectivity is achieved due to the process of globalization. A good example of such business is tourism, which connects different people from different countries and enables them to exchange and learn cultures from each other. The availability of foreign products in the international foreign markets also promotes the relationships between the different countries. This relationship fosters excellent government relations between the countries involved. Globalization has also contributed to the growth in world politics in terms of shared international regulations that govern the world governments. Globalization has led to the development of the Internet and international sporting activities that connect people in the world and promote togetherness and harmony.

Globalization has some negative effects, in particular people in developed countries feel left out because their governments tend to favor foreigners for their cheap labor. This resentment has caused animosity between people of different cultures. The global market has contributed to the development of unscrupulous business practices like child labor for the sake of staying ahead of the competition. Because of globalization, people are allowed to travel wherever they want to. This has helped terrorists travel and carry out their illegal acts in different countries and recruiting people to join their plans. The industries that are coming up due to globalization are causing more harm than good. It is common knowledge that they dump their waste materials everywhere, and this has caused some grave environmental and health problems. Moreover, fast food restaurants are spreading all over the world and their consumers continue to risk their lives by eating junk food. Some people blame globalization for the rapid spread of the HIV virus, as people are free to travel anywhere in the world.

As much as globalization comes with its disadvantages, the positive effects cannot be ignored, as the world would not be where it is currently were it not for globalization. This means that the world market is increasingly becoming open to all companies independent of size. The outcome of this integration enhances relationships between different countries. The relationships that are formed due to globalization help to promote cultural exchange, development, government collaborations and world peace.


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