Posted: August 12th, 2013






            Terrorism is of great concern to the world. Every country is working towards finding a solution to this problem. It has led to invasions of countries that are known to harbor terrorists to get the culprits concerned. This has led to significant strides towards eliminating these threats. Many of the world’s most dangerous terrorists have either been caught or killed. For instance, United States’ Iraq invasion led to the death of Osama Bin Laden, the most wanted terrorist world over. After an invasion, many people are captured. These people are part of the terrorist groups. The information they have might be helpful towards curbing terrorist attacks in the world. These captives are held normally without trial so they can help with investigations.

Terrorist are detained without a trial as they have committed crimes against humanity. Their actions lead to the loss of lives and property. Therefore, terrorists should be detained without trial. If they are left to roam the streets, they might endanger the lives of more innocent citizens. Since they have nothing to lose, they might plan more terror attacks. The damage they have already done severe enough.

Holding a person without trial is however against basic human rights. Anyone is innocent until proven guilty. Lack of a trial denies captives their rights. Though some people might argue against the practice, they also need to recognize that terrorists are a flight risk. They are not the same as other criminals. If they are released on bond, they can flee before they are taken to court. This will be highly dangerous to the world. The world needs to send a stern message to terrorist groups. By being lenient, they will show the groups that they are willing to negotiate with them. Therefore, strict rules should be made to discourage terrorism attacks. Detaining terrorists without trial clearly sends out the message that the world is dedicated on fighting crime.

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