Posted: August 12th, 2013






            Labor unions are meant to fight for the rights of employees. They act as representatives that protect the interests of employees from the employers. For a labor union to be recognized by employers, they need to have the support of the employees. Therefore, when starting a union for workers more than fifty percent of the employees need to sign cards. These cards give the union the right to represent the workers from any employer who violates their rights. Since labor unions champion for better working conditions, not many employers advocate for them. Workers that support the formation of labor unions are usually discriminated by their employers.

Signed cards enable employers to know which of their employees wants union rights. This might lead to discrimination or even termination of the workers contracts. Employers can access this information easily and use it to their advantage. They can even coerce the employees into changing their minds. A system that protects employees from undue pressure is needed. Workers should be able to stick to their opinion without fear of segregation. Therefore, signed cards are not a method that protects them from any infringement of rights that they might suffer.

Secret ballot is whereby votes are cast in secret. The decisions made by the work force are done secretly. The employees decide secretly on whether to have a union. A person’s vote cannot be revealed to anyone. The use of secret ballot election will be the best method to use. This is because the employer will not know how any of the laborers voted. It reduces the chances of any employee being singled out because of their opinion. This method gives a worker an opportunity to confidently voice out their opinion without fear of any repercussions for standing by their beliefs.

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