Posted: August 12th, 2013






            The Republican Party is known for its conservatism. They have held on to their original ideals that were made when the party was being formed. As a result, they are driving off voters to the Democratic Party. They are not considering that the world has evolved, and their ideals need to evolve with it. The Republican Party still holds on to ideals that appeal only to a few people. They have not changed to adopt the needs of the current populace. They believe that their original ideals still represent the needs of the people, which is not the case. This causes people to move from this party.

American citizens feel that their needs are better represented elsewhere. They need a party that is changing with their changing needs. A party that continues to put across ideals that would have worked in the past will not be embraced. Americans need a party that will embrace change. They need a party that will address their needs, which evolves every day. The Republican Party does not recognize the need for this. They have held on to their conservative values that are not appealing to majority of the voters. They have therefore lost many voters. Times are changing, and people are becoming more liberal. They need a party that recognizes the need for change with their changing ideals.

The Democratic Party is an example of a liberal party. It has tried to embrace most of the changes in the world today. It recognizes that the people’s needs have changed. For this reason, they need to change with the society. They have adopted the changes that have come over the years. However, they are not liberal enough. They have failed in some areas to recognize the changes in society. They need to become more liberal so that they can attract more voters. If they adopt and repackage some of the ideals of the Democratic Parties, it will appeal to more people. The world is changing and political parties need to change their ideals.

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