Posted: August 12th, 2013






How big the government should be has been a debate to most of the Americans. In the view of most Americans, the confidence in the governing people is not at its best. Only about 50% are satisfied with the governance. The people think that the size of the government should be determined by how effective it can handle the problems facing Americans. This includes the increasing cost of life and the lack of jobs for most of the young population. When this is tackled, it will increase the confidence of the local population, who are of the opinion that a bigger government is good. Many, who preferred a smaller government, cited the expenses used to pay up the allowances for the government staff as the limitation. They argued that since the federal budget is already on a deficit, having a leaner government was ideal.

Having the government offer a wide range of services is good. This will lead to more people working, and at the same time, the collection of taxes will increase. This is a good thing for the government as it increases its gross domestic income. This will boost the economy. With this, the government will have part of its deficit filled. This will enable the government to invest in areas like Medicare, which form the largest base of social care.

On the other hand, having a wide range of services means more expenditure to the government. This is because the pensionable percentage will rise. Because of the increase in services, the workers will be liable to pension. Pension takes quite a large percentage of the fiscal budget. By going the relatively few services way, which results to fewer taxes, the government shall save on a considerable portion of the budget. This is because, as much as more people get to be employed, the tax returns will not be as economical as the pensions paid off after retirement.

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