Discussion Question

Posted: September 3rd, 2013

Discussion Question







Discussion Question

Day 3

The first implication is based on law. According to law, a person has the right of life leading to the assumption that a person has a right to die. The effects to this are that people will often commit suicide because they have the right to die. For this reason, the law has provided instances where a person has the right to die. In this case, a person must be suffering from an illness that he or she is not likely to survive or recover. The other implication involves religion. According to many religious beliefs, God alone has the power to grant life and take it away from somebody. In this case, it is an unethical decision for someone to bestow the right upon himself or herself. According to the respect of anatomy, it is ethically right for a person to make the decision based on his or her life. According to justice, the ethical decision has to be made in consideration of the other parties involved like the family members, the society and the medical profession (Rainbow, 2002).

Day 5

            One of the most important changes in the healthcare reforms is a raise for doctor remuneration (Appley & Carey, 2012). In the past, doctors have not been receiving good remuneration rates resulting to poor delivery of health care services. This is because doctors are paid a remuneration lower than the Medicaid rates. In this case, they are not highly motivated to offer quality treatment to the patients. Additionally, this impoverishes the living standards of the doctors especially in this time of global financial crisis (Appley & Carey, 2012). The economy has changed and the living conditions have become extremely difficult. For this reason, by increasing the payment rates, the doctors will have better living conditions and at the same time, patients will receive quality healthcare. Therefore, it is the most important reform because doctors will be highly motivate in the deliverance of quality health care to the patient. An administrator of the health facility is expected to raise the remuneration in accordance to the Medicaid rates as directed by the health care reform. This is directed to the private sector administrator who may assume that they are not subjected to the reform (Appley & Carey, 2012).

Day 7

            The introduction of information technology in the health care department is one of the strategies or ways placed by the government to improve health care prevention, quality and reporting. When it comes to preventing, the information systems used by the health care centers and hospitals will ensure that there is prevention of errors and other common mistakes (Ortiz, 2003). This means that information systems will improve efficiency by preventing errors in delivering services to patients. In the part of reporting, information systems are extremely helpful to the management of the health care centers. This is where the management is able to monitor the performance of each staff member’s rate of performance when delivering services to the patients. Additionally, it will help the management create quality reports and formulate quality strategies for use in delivery service to the patients. Finally, information systems increases the quality of health care offered to the patients. This is because there are minimal errors, no duplication and increased efficiency. In this case, the overall quality of the health care center is improved with the introduction of information systems (Ortiz, 2003).



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