Discussion Questions

Posted: August 29th, 2013

Discussion Questions






Discussion Questions

Question one

Private schools systems are those that are not controlled by the government and hence they maintain the right to choose their learners. One belief held by people supporting private systems is that the education services and amenities offered are of higher quality and hence the higher cost of tuition as compared to public schools (Wilkkinson, Head & Kranshinsky 1994).

The second belief held is that public schools appear to be more complicated since most of their financial issues are usually caused by issues in the political sector (Wilkkinson, Head & Kranshinsky 1994). Therefore, since private schools do not utilize public finances, they are not controlled by the government and hence are protected from the financial limitations imposed by the government (Wilkkinson, Head & Kranshinsky 1994).

The best explanation for predicted behavior is intention rather than attitude because it is the cognitive demonstration of an individual’s preparedness to present a specific behavior (Roedder, 2001). The presented attitudes on private education may have been formed through experience. For example, parents with children in private schools may have formed supporting attitudes because of the experiences they underwent. These beliefs and attitudes may have been maintained through the permanent proof that attests to the benefits of private school enrolment.

For example, if the parents with children in private schools may have benefited from its advantages for a lengthily period, their positive attitudes towards the system will not be altered. Therefore, their attitudes and beliefs may change only if the efficiency of private school systems goes down. The other instance is if the public school systems improve on their efficiency to the extent of those parents considering it as a substitute for private schools in which they could enroll their education.

Question two

The persuasive advertisement focuses on a beauty product of a soap manufactured by the nivea company. The organization is trying to convince its clients that the beauty product contains exceptional elements that cater for the client’s needs (Nivea Skincare, 2011). For example, the soap is said to contain natural elements such as honey and jojoba that aid in purifying and cleansing the skin (Nivea Skincare, 2011). In addition, the soap contains an element that promotes the original moisture intensity of the skin and includes a gentle fragrance that caters for skin sensitivity.

The product has also been said to go through particular medical tests to prove its validity. The persuasive advertisement has been conveyed through a scholarly journal on the website that discusses on how brands expand their product existence. The intended audience for the persuasive message is the women since it is considered a beauty and cosmetic product.

Weekly Summary Discussion

During the class discussion, we talked about the concepts of behavior and attitudes and applied it in a case of private and public schools. This involved learning people’s attitudes and behaviors in their response when asked about their views on both education systems. We also discussed persuasive argument through reviewing an example of a persuasive advertisement. One challenge faced during the class discussion was on lack of consistency. For example, it was difficult to come up with main points since several points were contributed and each individual wanted his or her point to be included in the discussion. The other challenge was time. There was not enough time to exercise the discussion fully and hence we had to leave out some topics for people to read on their own in order to save time before the next lesson.


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