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            Divorce in the modern society is rampant and it is increasing every day. It can bring about many problems in both the families involved and the society. These problems can be accompanied by adverse effects that might affect the society negatively. In our society today, the percentage in the number of divorces is increasing at an alarming rate. There are various causes of divorce, which affect both parents and children together with the society in general, and this has led to the formulation of ways that can help in reducing the divorce percentage.

Lack of trust between parents is one of the major causes of divorce in the society. Divorce is increasing daily because partners nowadays no longer trust each other. When there is lack of trust in a marriage, chances of getting a divorce are high because one partner many feel that the other one is cheating on him or her thus leading to a divorce. Clarke-Stewart and Cornelia (246) point out that lack of trust has contributed to marital infidelity thus a high divorce rate in the society. This is because many partners do not trust each other and keep on having extra-marital affairs. This is dangerous because once the other partner realizes it, he or she may seek for a divorce.

Another cause of divorce is the failure to provide each other’s rights. The issue of failing to satisfy each other’s needs has greatly contributed to divorce cases. Many people get married because of different expectations. Once they get into the marriage life and each partner fails to fulfill their needs or rights, some become stressed and disappointed in marriage thus seek for divorce. In addition, inadequate provision of the rights to each other such as financial support and mostly conjugal rights has contributed to an increased divorce rate. Mostly, when conjugal rights become the problem among the married couple, marital infidelity arises and this may lead to a divorce.

Lastly, constant insoluble fights in marriages are another issue that has caused divorce in the society. In the marriages where there are constant quarrels and fights, chances of a divorce are high. Mysterious fights are caused by lack of communication or poor communications between the married couples. Carr (122) comments that communication problem is one of the dangerous issues in marriage. This is because it triggers insoluble fights in a marriage. This will end up making partners to divorce because of the fear of being hurt or killed in the process.

Due to divorce cases, there are diverse effects that might result in the end. First, children may suffer from psychological and behavioral problems. Children whose parents have divorced suffer from depression and some of them do not perform well in school. Moreover, some of them engage in illegal cases, which may lead to them being jailed for breaking the laws. Children who may have witnessed the insoluble fights and divorce of their parents find it hard to cope up in the family. Moreover, some children may develop disorders because of witnessing parental conflicts. The study reveals that boys unlike girls adjust faster to the resulting life when their parents divorce (Clarke-Stewart and Cornelia 301).

Secondly, divorce may lead to straining in the parent to child relationships. The research study reveals that many children find it difficult to cope up with the parents especially where there are constant fights. Some may experience financial problems but they may not be able to bring the issue in front of their parents. Parents may strain to make the relationship between them and the children to work but this may turn out to be difficult. This is because there will be no respect in such a family especially when the children discover that their parents divorced because of marital infidelity or insoluble fights.

Lastly, fear of the younger generation getting married is another effect that arises due to divorce. Many children in divorced families may fear getting married in the future because of the experience they go through. Kuehn (27) points out that increased divorce in marriages have created worries among the younger generations. There are predictions that marriage will no longer work in the future because of the bad examples that parents have set to their children. He comments that many families nowadays do not have peace due to constant quarrels, marital infidelity and financial problems. This has made the young generations to fear because of what their parents are undergoing through in their marriages.

Despite the above causes and effects, there are ways that people might use to avoid divorce. First, reduced cases of early marriages; the research study carried out about marriage revealed that early marriages are one of the causes of high chances of divorce. This is because many young couples get excited and marry without first understanding the meaning of marriage. Some young couples are involved in early marriages because they think that once they have fallen in love with one another, they can live together in marriage. However, this is wrong because people need to study each other well before hurrying into marriages. This is vital because it will create long lasting marriage relationships in the future (Phillips 247).

Another way of reducing divorce is through educating the youths about marriages. This will help them to understand what marriages require and prepare them for the good or worse in marriage. This will reduce chances of divorce among the married couples. Parents should try to create a solid foundation in their families and they should try to show their children good examples. In addition, the youth should think about working hard in order to secure good jobs; this will solve the issue of financial problems once they get married.

In conclusion, divorce is caused by lack of trust between parents, failure to provide each other’s rights and constant insoluble fights in marriages. All these have contributed to a high divorce rate in the society in one way or another. In addition, divorce has affected the society; these effects include children suffering from psychological and behavioral problems, straining in parent to child relationships and the creation of fear among the younger generations in getting married in the future. However, reducing cases of early marriages as well as educating the youth about marriage is vital because it may reduce divorce risks in the society.




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