Dodge ball Movie and Gym

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Dodge ball Movie and Gym






Dodge ball Movie and Gym

Question 1

The marketing technique used in this ad was that of instilling self-hatred and self-consciousness of ones obese status in order to get the viewers to act. One of the main advantages of the technique used by Globo Gym is that there are people who act if they start feeling bad about their status. For example, there are people who will go to the gym because they feel bad about their obese status. The main disadvantage about this advertisement technique it that viewers might develop a negative attitude towards the gym. Most people do not like hearing the direct truth. They prefer being told the truth in a softer war. The advertisement had statements that were harshly put, which made the people feel as though they were incomplete with their status and were nothing without the gym.

Question 2

One of the main reasons leading to Average Joe’s Gym going out of business is the tough competition it faced from Global Gym, which was already established. Average Joe’s Gym was still small and facing the normal challenges of a growing business. Peter did not do a lot of marketing for his business as expected. It looked as though he was giving up on his own business. Although he had a few loyal frequenters, he did not make the needed effort to attract new people. He needed to believe more in himself and use the gym members to attract other new gym members since advertising through the media would have been more expensive.


One of the main concerns was the kind of training they were undergoing. For example, throwing wrenches was quite dangerous on Average Joe’s team. Dodging moving cars was also a safety risk the Average Joe’s team undertook. On Globo Gym’s side, failure to have a gym instructor constantly present was a safety risk. The members should have also been advised on the limits of their bodies.

Question 4

The training techniques in both gyms were not the best. For example, Patches way of training the members was hurling insults at them, risking their lives by dodging moving cars, and throwing wrenches among others. On the other hand, Globo Gym’s technique was accompanied by putting negative pressure on the members as a way of making them achieve a target or get results. Through hurling insults and the negative pressure, some members quit the Average Joe’s team a few days to the game.

Question 5

Average Joe’s prospective members were those who were willing to keep fit. It included those who felt like outcasts in the society even though it did not necessarily mean that they were obese. Globo Gym targeted those who were obese. This is portrayed by the advertisement in the media. They did not portray that the gym was meant to accommodate everybody. It suggested that the gym was for particular persons.

Question 6

La Fleur’s style of leadership was more member friendly than Goodman’s style. He was able to include the members in other activities of the gym and that s why they were willing to help him raise the needed money to keep the gym working. On the other hand, Goodman’s leadership and management were driven with selfish desires. He made the members believe they were playing in order to win the prize while all along he knew that they were playing to prevent the Average Gym’s team from winning.

Question 7

One of the indications in the absolute category is moderate to severe angina. Another reason in the absolute category is the poor perfusion such as pallor or cyanosis and technical difficulties.

Question 8

One of the main purposes of conducting a GXT is ensuring that the gym member to be does not have any cardiovascular problems or metabolic complications. It also enables the gym instructor to know whether the person is ready to undertake vigorous exercises or they have health risks now or in the future.

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